Hour of the Wolf Songs Ranked

Hour of the Wolf is the eighth studio album by Canadian-American rock band Steppenwolf. The album was released in September 1975, by Epic Records. Andy Chapin replaced long-time keyboardist Goldy McJohn on this album. The second of four albums the reconstituted Steppenwolf cut for Epic, Hour of the Wolf has a very cool fog-enshrouded wolf howling on the cover, the band’s name in blood red, and an interesting amalgam of contemporary sounds. Here are all of Hour of the Wolf songs ranked.

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8. Just for Tonight

“Just For Tonight” is a quietly sung ballad with female vocals sung in unison with Kay’s. It’s melodic, inoffensive country rock. However, without hesitation, the melody shifts into a mid-tempo rocker. I’m not a fan of this part.”

7. Mr. Penny Pincher

“Mr. Penny Pincher” sounds like Uriah Heep’s “Wonderworld” in the intro, and in fact, contains the same adventurous epic style that Uriah Heep used to perform so well (or terribly, depending on your opinion of the band) in the 70’s.”

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6. Two for the Love of One

I can’t remember the last time I heard a straight ahead rock song performed so amazingly well, but “Two For the Love of One” certainly fits that description! Everything about this song rules. Heavy riffs that get your heart pumping, a vocal melody that gets your feet tapping, a wonderul exchange of guitar solos and keyboards in the middle… just awesome.”

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5. Another’s Lifetime

“Another’s Lifetime” is pure country. Not the strongest vocal melody in the world and it doesn’t make me tear up like Kay was probably intending, but it’s decent enough.”

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4. Annie, Annie Over

“Annie, Annie Over” is upbeat and sort of funky. Drastically different from the other songs here. I admire it. The chorus reminds me of the Guess Who a little bit. The keyboards should jam more- they’re really good here.”

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3. Someone Told a Lie

“Someone Told a Lie” (it wasn’t me… alright maybe it was) opens with a really heavy guitar riff. However that just about concludes the heaviness. The verse melody is really odd. John Kay is straining his voice in a way that makes me think he wants to be a member of KISS”

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2. Caroline (Are You Ready for the Outlaw World)

“”Caroline (Are You Ready For the Outlaw World)” is a fairly melodic track. Quality verse melody, somewhat repetitive but catchy chorus. The chorus consists of just repeating the song title over and over. There’s a feeling while listening to it that it sounds hokey instead of the more sincere singing demeanor of the lead singer, which is a problem for me since I associate John Kay’s tearful vocal range with the bands classic sound.”

1. Hard Rock Road

 “Hard Rock Road” is sort of forgettable I suppose. I guess if one Steppenwolf song sounds generic, it’s this one. Then again, listen to the vocals around 1:35 in. That’s a cool part there.”