Humble Pie Songs Ranked

Humble Pie is an English rock music band formed by Steve Marriott in Moreton, Essex during 1969. They are known as one of the first supergroups of the late 1960s, and found success on both sides of the Atlantic in the early 1970s with such songs as “Black Coffee”, “30 Days in the Hole”, “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and “Natural Born Bugie”. The original band line-up featured lead vocalist and guitarist Steve Marriott from Small Faces, vocalist and guitarist Peter Frampton from The Herd, former Spooky Tooth bassist Greg Ridley and a 17-year-old drummer, Jerry Shirley, from The Apostolic Intervention. Here are all of the Humble Pie songs ranked.

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10. Street Rat (Street Rats, 1975)

“This song always makes me feel good whether I listen to it. The guitar riffs, the overall instrument use and lyrics always gives me good vibes”

9. Shine On (Rock On, 1971)

“I Love this song so much I swear I could listen to it all day if I could, good for any mood you are in summer or winter. It should be crowned best song in the whole world. Enough said.”

8. Hot ‘n’ Nasty (Smokin, 1972)

“This song is literally my favorite song ever. It’s that one song that can put me in the best mood even when I’m having the worst day.”

7. Live With Me (Humble Pie, 1970)

“One of the bests I have ever listened to.. Words are more than words in this song.. I can listen to this song anytime and feel the same passion”

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6. Thunderbox (Thunderbox, 1974)

“This song is just perfect from the start till the end. Great melodies and lyrics. I can’t stop listening this for at least 2 months.”

5. Up Our Sleeve (Eat It’, 1973)

“This song is awesome, always listen to this stuff every day, and, I never get bored.. Superb song, love the guitar riff so much This song is the best obviously.

4. Natural Born Bugie (Natural Born Bugie, 1969)

“Just because it’s their most popular song doesn’t mean it’s not their absolute best! This song is amazing in every aspect.”

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3. I Don’t Need No Doctor (Rocking the Fillmore, 1971)

“Best song ever.. That is the kind of song you scream when it starts to play.. Amazing and simple lyrics, a super rytm. Is my favorite song ever”

2. Stone Cold Fever (Rock On, 1971)

“I love this song! The tune, the lyrics, and the beautiful flow of the song. This song always makes me so confident.”

1. 30 Days in the Hole (Smokin, 1972)

“Very awesome song! One of the best songs I’ve heard in a while! Deserves to be Number One. Very easy to sing to.”