Ida Mae – ‘Thunder Above You’

When they released their much-loved sophomore LP ‘Click Click Domino’ in 2021, blues-rock duo Ida Mae were treated as one of the more exciting names blossoming in that field. While names like The White Stripes and The Black Keys had dominated the genre over the decades, these two were keen to create their own distinctive and quintessentially British take on the sound, creating a wonderfully smooth and alluring style. And with a flurry of varied releases so far this year, they return with their third studio album ‘Thunder Above You’, a record that sees them tread a new creative path.

Although blues-rock has always been the staple behind their aesthetic, for ‘Thunder Above You’, it feels like they are beginning to branch away from this core direction in pursuit of something more diverse and eclectic. Dabbling in more sombre and soulful auras this time around, the swaggering grooves of yesteryear make way for a more contemplative ideal that broadens and heightens their songwriting at every turn. With a largely calmer and more immersive presence here, Ida Mae feel far more assured and confident from start to finish, making for a wildly enjoyable listen in the process.

It may not be the release that many of their devoted fans were expecting, but ‘Thunder Above You’ shows that they are beginning to discover new and interesting ideas in which to inject into their chosen guise. A wonderfully warm and inviting full-length that adds yet another fascinating quiver to their already captivating musical bow.