Jack Ü Albums Ranked

Jack Ü was an American DJ duo consisting of electronic music producers Skrillex and Diplo, formed in 2013. They released their first official single, “Take Ü There”, featuring vocals from Kiesza, on September 17, 2014. On February 3, 2015, the duo announced that they would be working with Missy Elliott on a remix of “Take Ü There”. They released their first and only album, Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü, on February 27, 2015. Jack Ü performed at Ultra Music Festival Miami in 2014. They also performed at Ultra Music Festival in 2015 with the entire “Jack Ü crew”, featuring live contributions from CL, Kai, Diddy, Kiesza, and Justin Bieber. According to Skrillex, the collaboration is called ‘Jack Ü’ because it refers to how the music “jacks you up” with its high-energy beats and bassline. The Ü (U with an umlaut) letter appears in titles of all of its singles and is usually stylized to look like a smiley. Here are all of Jack Ü’s albums ranked.

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1. Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü, 2015

Skrillex & Diplo Present Jack Ü by Jack Ü

“These guys truly are the young gods of the universe they have created. They sound happy, and like they’re having some joyous fun with their music. With a pop approach to things, including driving beats that are firm but never overpowering, the music invites participation while not being overly aggressive. It’s stuff you can relax into, or you might rather get up and dance.”