Jawbreaker Albums Ranked

Jawbreaker is an American punk rock band active from 1986 to 1996, and again since 2017. The band is considered to be influential to the 1990s emo genre and has also been credited (along with California punk bands Green Day, The Offspring, Rancid, and NOFX) for being part of the punk rock revival scene that decade. Following the breakup, the members of Jawbreaker were active in other projects including Jets to Brazil and Whysall Lane. Pfahler continued to issue previously-recorded Jawbreaker material through his Blackball Records label, and public interest in the band continued due in part to nationally charting pop-punk and emo acts openly indebted to Jawbreaker’s sound. In 2004, Pfahler licensed the out-of-print Dear You from DGC’s parent company Geffen Records and re-released it to a positive response. Remastered versions of the rest of the band’s catalog have since been released. Here are all of Jawbreaker albums ranked.

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5. Etc. (2002)

“This is the way punk rock should be. Without the stupid macho attitudes and political rantings. This album is purely honest. The recordings aren’t good quality, but I guess it helps add to the total atmosphere. This album is raw, unrefined, catchy, beautiful, and fun. You will find yourself with these songs stuck in your head a lot. Its great, I suggest you get it. Lots of great tracks.”

4. Bivouac (1992)

“ne of the hardest rocking albums of all time, and at the same time kind of a sprawling symphony. The songs are very intense, the music is fascinating, the playing great. If you’re new to the band I recommend starting with 24HRT, if not I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.”

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3. Unfun (1990)

“I was blown away! Blake’s now departed raspy voice along with the quick guitar riffs bring an intensity unparalleled in any of his later efforts. Anyone who knows Jawbreaker knows that lyrically they are probably the best alternative music has to offer. This album comes before he strays into his obscure, sometimes overly poetic lyrics. Consequently it is my favorite, “I wouldn’t want to be so cool in a world about to freeze, your so hard and brittle you shatter easily…Life’s a race that I cant run, I curse the man who fired the gun.”

2. Dear You (1995)

“Dear You doesn’t have to grow on you like some albums. After one listen, you’ll want to put it in after every disgusting break-up or while chilling at home after a crazy party. It is the culmination of a great few years for Jawbreaker; my vote for the best punk band ever. Blake’s lyrics and vocals carry Jawbreaker through 10+ spectacular tracks. Dear You can be described as neither totally melodic nor upbeat, just quality music”

1. 24 Hour Revenge Therapy (1994)

“Personally I think this was Jawbreaker’s best album. The quality is more consistent than Dear You though the production values are lower given their lack of money at the time. The 1st 6 songs are all excellent and West Bay Invitational is hilarious. Most of the songs are direct charges with high energy… short and sweet like old school punk.”