Jet Songs Ranked

Jet is an Australian rock band formed in 2001. The band consists of lead guitarist Cameron Muncey, bassist Mark Wilson, and brothers Nic and Chris Cester on vocals/rhythm guitar and drums respectively. The group sold 6.5 million albums. The band dissolved in 2012 but reformed in 2016. In 2002 the band released the Dirty Sweet EP, whose initial 1000 copies quickly sold out. NME obtained a copy of the single from Dirty Sweet, “Take It or Leave It”, and praised it. Elektra Records offered the band a contract and re-released Dirty Sweet in 2003. In 2018, Jet announced a 15th-anniversary Australian national tour for their album Get Born, including dates in Newcastle, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne. They also issued the live album Get Born: Live at the Forum to commemorate the tour. Here are ll of Jet songs ranked.

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20. Radio Song (Get Born, 2003)

“This is a perfect slow song for me other than “Look What You’ve Done”. Just listening this song for the first time, it makes me want to hear it again.”

19. Eleanor (Shine On, 2006)

“I don’t think the Beatles are the only band to have a girls name in the lyrics of a song. But will agree that the arrangement is Beatlesque. I think its a good song, and the meaning seems to be pretty straight forward, Guys relationship with chick Eleanor, has gone bad, he walked away. Realized it was the wrong thing and basically is pleading to be taken back. “My Love is in your hands” meaning she is in control of what happens if they get back together or not. That’s my take on it anyway.”

18. Come Around Again (Get Born, 2003)

“Pretty simple and straight forward, the guy is upset because his girlfriend left him. Now he is alone and hoping she will come back around again.”

17. Get Me Outta Here (Get Born, 2003)

“This is a great song… Jet kinda reminds me of the Beatles and it’s beautiful. He’s doing what he wants… disobeying “the man”

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16. Rip It Up (Shine On, 2006)

“Really, this song seems to me, like they’re talking about the entertainment industry. At first, it seems they’re making a reference to movie stars such as “spread your legs for the silver screen” and when they say “make me rich your doctor said” they’re talking about cosmetic surgery. Then they talk about record deals and a bargain basement, of course, speaking about untalented artists getting record deals out of the luck of the draw, so to speak.”

15. Bring It on Back (Shine On, 2006)

“What a shame for Jet. If Oasis had released this song it would have had a four-star average. Such is life in a world of poseurs who worry more about a band’s perceived image than the actual notes they produce.”

14. Black Hearts (On Fire) (Shaka Rock, 2009)

“Jet guitarist Cameron Muncey used a Gibson Melody Maker on this track, which he bought in Austin Texas where part of the album was recorded. He told “It’s so light you can practically hold it with your index finger. I ended up getting two amazing guitar tracks out of it. One was the slide in the last song, ‘She Holds a Grudge,’ and the other was ‘Black Heart.’ The sound of that guitar is really cool.”

13. Hold On (Spider-Man 2, 2004)

“This song is about being yourself. So many people try so hard to be something that they are not and this can become very difficult. Often times being something one is not will complicate things and that person will find that even while they thought they would be happy, they are not. They feel like they have tried so hard to be someone and they are miserable and empty regardless. Pretty much just be yourself and love yourself for who you are… even if no one gets it.”

12. Get What You Need (Get Born, 2003)

“This songs self explanatory… about a guy and he’s pretty much fed up with some girl and telling her to go away or something”

11. K.I.A. (Killed in Action) (Shaka Rock, 2009)

“This hard-charging song tackles the war-like pressures of everyday life. Drummer Chris Cester explained to Billboard magazine: “I had this idea of certain elements of life being like a war zone. The song has an operatic, dramatic feel, and it really mirrors the dramatic content of the song, which is suburban warfare.”

10. Goodbye Hollywood (Shaka Rock, 2009)

“Not only one of my favorite songs on the Shaka Rock album, but one of my favorite songs ever. I highly recommend Shaka Rock! A great song with an awesome guitar riff! This is why JET is one of the best Rock bands out.”

9. Rollover D.J. (Get Born, 2003)

“All those people who don’t like Jet because they sound like other bands should think this through, now this only applies if you liked the bands they sound like. Those bands are old and not many people care anymore and the old rock sound was dying. Jet came along and revived it and if anything spread it to new crowds, such as me who have never heard of any of the bands you are talking about. So think of it as a revival, not as stealing.”

8. Seventeen (Shaka Rock, 2009)

“I really like this song, and I don’t have a clue what it’s about either. Makes me feel really good though cos it’s such a happy song and it’s been stuck in my head all week through all my exams.

7. Skin and Bones (Shine On, 2006)

“In my opinion it’s their best album by far, their hardest and most “rocky”, including its own deep moments as well. Skin and Bones is one of those songs that has the lot. Great rock track, with a really deep meaning for a lot of listeners. Give it a listen, it’s a fantastic song.”

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6. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Shine On, 2006)

“Amazing, couldn’t stop listening to it! Didn’t know that Nick’s high pitch voice could be so sexy… A great return for Jet. Lead singer Nic Cester gets to air his hitherto untried falsetto in this song, which is a welcome change from the usual screaming (although there is nothing wrong with that).”

5. Shine On (Shine On, 2006)

“Awesome new song from Jet’s new album. It’s only this song that has falsetto. Some of the songs are very Beatlesque (you’ll know what i mean on the 3rd). Meaning of the song seems pretty literal.”

4. Cold Hard Bitch (Get Born, 2003)

“This song has a great rhythm and kicks pretty hard. It seems that it’s quite fashionable ’round these parts to slag off Jet, but I can’t see much wrong with this particular track.”

3. She’s a Genius (Shaka Rock, 2009)

“Best song ever! Never thought I would happily be addicted to listening to a song, but the way just makes this such an awesome song. The intro is probably my favorite part”

2. Look What You’ve Done (Get Born, 2003)

“I love the minor variation at the end of the 2nd and 3rd choruses, beautiful. Just one of those songs that remind you why humans need music in their life, easily one of the best slow songs ever.”

1. Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Get Born, 2003)

“”Are You Gonna Be My Girl” is derivative, as is most rock music. It’s not the best thing that I’ve ever heard in my life but it does have a lot of energy and an exciting lead vocal. Enjoy this for what it is – an energy busting knees up. Only the most pretentious twat would look for poetry in the lyrics of rock music in the first place.”