Jimmy Eat World Albums Ranked

Jimmy Eat World is an American rock band formed in 1993 in Mesa, Arizona. The band is composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Jim Adkins, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Linton, bassist Rick Burch, and drummer Zach Lind. They have released ten studio albums, the last nine featuring the current lineup. The four-piece’s commercial breakthrough came with the release of several singles from their album Bleed American (2001), four of which charted within the top 20 positions of the Alternative Songs chart, with “The Middle” reaching No. 1. Their follow-up album, Futures (2004), featured the No. 1 song “Pain”. The RIAA certified Bleed American platinum and Futures gold, rewarding the two albums for selling over 1.5 million records between them. The band’s sixth LP, Chase This Light (2007), became their highest charting album and peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. The band released their tenth album, Surviving, in October 2019. Here are all of Jimmy Eat World albums ranked.

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10. Jimmy Eat World (1994)

“Taking a listen to this very first album, I find that Jimmy Eat World resembles nothing in this band that I’ve ever been familiar with. Cheap but crisp production is one thing that this debut has going for it that I really appreciate; I was expecting something along the lines of Flyswatter. Jim Adkins is, in my book, one of the masters of melodic sense. Here, while we don’t get the glorious melodies that would come with “Sweetness” and “The Middle”, we get to hear a slowly but surely evolving sense of melody in Jim’s vocal and instrumental performances.”

9. Damage (2013)

“The main theme of the album is heartache, and nobody does it better than Jimmy Eat World’s singer/guitarist Jim Adkins. Each of “Damages” ten tracks ooze with yearning, disappointment, bittersweet goodbyes and, most importantly, hooks. From the opening of “Appreciation” to the title track and “I Will Steal You Back,” the band strikes radio-gold without even breaking a sweat.”

8. Integrity Blues (2016)

“Integrity Blues (album #9) is the best Jimmy Eat World album since Futures (album #5). There are so many nuggets on this compared to Invented and Damage, and I can’t wait to re-listen to them all. There also isn’t a “filler” track, which is rare in my opinion, especially for a band that has now made 9 studio albums. I don’t want to say anything else, because all of the surprising turns seemingly every song takes deserve to be heard without spoiler.”

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7. Surviving (2019)

“Awesome album. The sound of this album seems inspired by their early work like Bleed American, but it’s a natural progression of growth from the style of that album. Fantastic music. Not a single bad song. This band continues to put out fantastic music and this album is another high mark for them. Highly recommended!”

6. Invented (2010)

“The entire track list offers interesting ideas, and definitely paints an image with each round. It seems almost consistent that there’s an image of a person trying to make end’s meet in a new place. Movielike certainly puts out this message, of a town and dreams that fail to be realized, while Coffee And Cigarettes relates to someone leaving to pursue their dreams, but they’ll miss the simple times they had with their loved one.”

5. Chase This Light (2007)

“While not overly ambitious, Chase This Light has its own charm to it. Whether it’s the up-beat bounce of “Here It Goes” or the smooth style of “Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues”, JEW delivers without really defining anything new. Pretty much, if you liked Bleed American or Futures, you’ll enjoy Chase This Light. It contains more of what we’ve known and loved of them in their last 2 (and to a lesser extent, Clarity) albums.”

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4. Static Prevails (1996)

“Static Prevails is a very punk rock album by JeW. It is partly very raw and hard, unmelodic but still great. It is much harder than the newer albums, but still fits very well with the guys.Rockstar and Caveman are my personal highlights from the album.”

3. Futures (2004)

“Futures is one of the better albums of Jimmy Eat World’s span. Released in 2004, the album traces a line of events that write themselves out in the form of lyrics, and as you go through the song, you hear every bit of it weaved into the crevices of the vocals. It cries out an incredible background of emotion and experiences made from the events that happened to the members of the band in reality.”

2. Clarity (1999)

“Clarity is in my opinion a classic album forever one of my favorites in my lifetime. Every single song on this album is a hit for me. I like everyone of the songs on clarity. The moment it got to me, i sat back and listened….. Table for Glasses has GOT to be THE BEST opening for a album I have ever heard in my life. Just pure harmony, timing, and percussion, and the softest back up vocals by Tom.”

1. Bleed American (2001)

“Though this was the band’s breakthrough with “The Middle” and “Sweetness,” their back catalog is worth a few listens. They showed the genesis of the band’s songwriting. It’s a solid album from front to back, and the liner notes once nodded to the “timely handclaps” present in early pressings. They truly did this album justice as it sounds amazing from start to finish.”