Jimmy Somerville Songs Ranked

James William Somerville (born 22 June 1961) is a Scottish pop singer and songwriter. He sang in the 1980s with the pop groups Bronski Beat and The Communards and has also had a solo career. He is known in particular for his powerful and soulful countertenor/falsetto singing voice. Many of his songs, such as “Smalltown Boy”, contain political commentary on gay-related issues. In 1983, Somerville co-founded the synthpop group Bronski Beat,[5] which had several hits in the British charts. Their biggest hit was “Smalltown Boy”, which reached No. 3 in the UK charts. In the music video, Somerville plays the song’s titular character, who leaves his hostile hometown for the friendlier city, reflecting Somerville’s own experiences when he moved to London. In February 2021, Somerville teamed up with producer Sally Herbert (formerly of 1990s duo Banderas and also part of The Communards’ backing band) to record a cover of “Everything Must Change” by Nina Simone as a charity record for End Youth Homelessness, a network of projects which includes Centrepoint in London and a number of other homeless charity organizations around the UK. Here are all of Jimmy Somerville’s songs ranked.

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8. Disenchanted (Communards, 1986)

“Brilliant, lyrics, music and presentation, loved all of their material growing up in the 80s, actually meant something. What an unforgettable memories listening to the songs of The Communards.”

7. Why? (The Age of Consent, 1984)

“And just a footnote on this song ,these musicians and these song writers are absolutely gifted human beings . some songs are completely perfect !!! it’s like they’re taken out of thin air in their entirety And they’re perfect . this happens to be one of those songs , it’s perfect.”

6. You Are My World (Communards, 1986

“Incredible talent ! Wow! Can sing anything ! I was always totally impressed with Jimmies exceptional singing voice since my first discovery of his band Bronski Beat years ago!”

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5. Read My Lips (Enough Is Enough) (Read My Lips, 1989)

“The year this single came out, 1990, 24,000 Americans died of AIDS; in Britain 1,000 died. You’d never know by looking at the popular music of the time. “Silence = Death” went the HIV activist slogan. Jimmy Somerville was a lone voice with songs like this and “For a Friend”, the only AIDS elegy ever to chart. He had the conscience and courage for a whole generation. I’m glad one person did at least.”

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4. There’s More to Love (Heaven, 1993)

“What I like most about this video (and most of theirs) is that everyone just looks common. There is over the top glammer. I guess thats the whole message Jimmy wanted to put out. They look just normal everyday people.”

3. To Love Somebody (The Singles Collection 1984/1990, 1990)

“The reggae sound is just so awesome.I have always loved this song and at times I find some beautiful versions of it. This version is easily the best version of this song.”

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2. Don’t Leave Me This Way (Communards, 1986)

“This guy’s voice was so unique and underrated in the pop world. This song is gets you going no matter what mood you are in! “Don’t Leave Me This Way” is one of the best songs ever written, and the Communards totally knocked this one out of the park in late 1986!”

1. So Cold the Night (Communards, 1986)

“Fantastic piece of orchestration! Jimmy’s vocal range is a stunning piece of virtuosity , as it always was, back in day! Great instrumentals . Melody. Lyrics. Voice. Quality. Today’s musicians need to listen and learn.”