Justin Moore Songs Ranked

Justin Cole Moore (born March 30, 1984) is an American country music singer and songwriter, signed to Big Machine Records imprint Valory Music Group. For that label, he has released six studio albums: his self-titled debut in 2009, Outlaws Like Me in 2011, Off the Beaten Path in 2013, Kinda Don’t Care in 2016, Late Nights, and Longnecks in 2019, and Straight Outta the Country in 2021. He has also charted sixteen times on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts, including with the number 1 singles “Small Town USA”, “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away”, “Til My Last Day”, “Lettin’ the Night Roll”, “You Look Like I Need a Drink”, “Somebody Else Will”, “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home”, and “Why We Drink”; and the top 10 hits “Backwoods” and “Point at You”. Moore began performing during his junior year of high school. After graduating, he joined his uncle’s Southern rock band and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2002. He met a young producer in Nashville, Jeremy Stover, who introduced him to Scott Borchetta, an industry executive who was planning to launch The Valory Music Co. Borchetta promised to give him a record deal if he would be patient. Here are all of Justin Moore’s songs ranked.

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15. Old Back in the New School (Off the Beaten Path, 2013)

“High energy rock. Takes shots at the new “hip,” “hipster” culture. But doesn’t hate it. Everyone’s different and times change. Ultimately, we’re all in it together and should embrace each others differences. Just remember to respect the old school ways.”

14. Old Habits (feat. Miranda Lambert) 10. Lettin’ the Night Roll (Off the Beaten Path, 2013)

“The only duet (I wouldn’t really count Charlie Daniels) on this album and it is a good one. Miranda lends her girl-power vocals with success. Lyrics have a somber tone, longing for someone.”

13. Wheels (Off the Beaten Path, 2013)  

“Surprisingly not too obnoxious. Too much vroom vroom look at my big truck in country right now (cough cough Florida Georgia Line). This is simply an appreciation of his beautiful ride. Keep her clean. Take her for a spin. That’s it. Simple things in life.”

Kinda Don't Care (Deluxe Version) - Album by Justin Moore | Spotify

12. That’s how I know you Loved me (Off the Beaten Path, 2013)

“This song is an open letter. Really leaves himself wide & vulnerable. Slow, mellow song. Soft notes. A song you’d play during a TV show of both people away from each other, realizing they need each other. Bittersweet, but leaning towards enlightening.”

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11. For Some Ol’ Redneck Reason (Off the Beaten Path, 2013)

“he grand finale. We’ve reached the top of the mountain. What now? Look around and soak it all in. What have we learned from this album? Respect your elders (old back with new school), have a good but respectable (big ass headache) time, treat your lady right (Lettin’ the night roll), and don’t forgot your roots (This kind of town, one dirt road). Some Ol’ Redneck reason is all of the above. Lovely one minute instrumental to finish this song. Wind down and enjoy.”

10. Lettin’ the Night Roll (Off the Beaten Path, 2013)

“Lovely song. Very easy to sing along with. Really enjoyed the quick delivery of “Baby keep on keep on swaying to the backbeat. Long as you’re right here right here beside me. You make the call baby I don’t care. We can take this anywhere.” Perfect.”

Justin Moore - Golden Nugget Lake Charles

9. My Kind of Woman (Outlaws Like Me, 2011)

“I love Justin Moore’s music. You can tell he is a really down to earth loving fella. I have seen him in concert twice and both times I was not disappointed! He is a great performer to enjoy! If you get the chance go and see him!”

8. I Could Kick Your Ass (Justin Moore, 2009)

“I Could Kick Your Ass” reminds us of something out of the late `60s or `70s when country music was less pop and more western with its smoky moods and tough words slinged with some ivory magic that makes this cut so traditional and obtains some modernity as well”

Justin Moore [Enhanced CD] by Justin Moore | Album | Listen for Free on  Myspace

7. Run Out of Honky Tonks (Outlaws Like Me, 2011)

“Anyone who really misses the sound of true country music needs to buy this cd. Justin Moore does an awesome job of keeping it alive and real.”

6. Outlaws Like Me (Outlaws Like Me, 2011)

“People complain that all of Justin Moore’s songs sound the same… Well, they kind of do because he uses the same chord patterns in most of them. But each song is great in and of itself, and this is a fantastic album!”

5. How I Got to Be This Way (Justin Moore, 2009)

“This recording starts with “How I Got To Be This Way” as it’s a romping country rock jam full of big guitars and twang as it’s a cool opener that will surely rev you up.”

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Outlaws Like Me - Album by Justin Moore | Spotify

4. Til My Last Day (Outlaws Like Me, 2011)

“Justin Moore and his music are true to our country and our roots. Country, God, and family with a beat. I’ve seen him live (twice) and have him playing with the windows down rolling down the highway. It doesn’t get any better!”

3. Bait a Hook (Outlaws Like Me, 2011)

“This is an amazing album by an amazing artist! I saw the video for “Bait a hook” and I really liked it. I took a chance and bought the album, and I was not let down! In my opinion, just about every song is radio worthy. “Bait a hook” is my favorite song on the album, with “Guns” just behind it. Each song can make you feel something positive.”

2. Small Town USA (Justin Moore, 2009)

“I got hooked on Justin Moore after hearing “Small Town USA” and “How I Got To Be This Way.” He sings real country music and all of it is stuff I can identify with. DO NOT buy this if you like the crap that gets played on country radio (Taylor Swift) – Justin is the real deal and if there is a God, Justin will have a long career.”

Justin Moore - Off The Beaten Path [Deluxe Edition] - Amazon.com Music

1. If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away (Outlaws Like Me, 2011)

“Loved the song “If Heaven Wasn’t so Far Away”. A very close friend passed away after a 2-1/2 yr battle with cancer. A few close people got together and this was the song that we played…….”