Keane Songs Ranked

Keane is an English alternative rock band from Battle, East Sussex, formed in 1995. They met whilst at Tonbridge School together. The band currently comprises Tom Chaplin (lead vocals, electric/acoustic guitar), Tim Rice-Oxley (piano, synthesizers, bass guitar, backing vocals), Richard Hughes (drums, percussion, backing vocals), and Jesse Quin (bass guitar, acoustic/electric guitar, backing vocals). Their original line-up included founder and guitarist Dominic Scott, who left in 2001. The band returned after the hiatus with new music, announcing their fifth studio album titled Cause and Effect on 6 June 2019 and releasing the lead single from the album “The Way I Feel”. A collection of the songs were written by Tim Rice-Oxley during his divorce, and after discussions with Tom who had visited Tim the previous year, decided to proceed with recording the songs for the album. Cause and Effect were released on 20 September 2019. After the release of the album, the band embarked on the Cause and Effect Tour, visiting Europe and Latin America, before the remainder of the tour was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are all of Keane’s songs ranked.

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20. We Might as Well Be Strangers (Hopes and Fears, 2004)

“I first heard this song in 2004 in a football compilation, since this post I’ve listened to it at least a million times, it’s my ringtone, my alarm, my (our) wedding song, it’s very simple, it is THE BEST SONG EVER MADE IN HISTORY, the instrumental is staggering, and the vocals are astonishing, and what makes it better is that it does’nt have a music video, so leave it all to imagination, I now… I spoke too much…”

19. The Night Sky (The Night Sky EP 2007)

” charity single which was controversially refused chart entry because, I believe, the 7 inch single contained a poster. How stupid! It is not available on any of Keane’s albums. It is a beautiful song which people should do their utmost to try and listen to. Tom Chaplin has never sounded better than this.”

18. Try Again (Under the Iron Sea, 2006)

“Listened to this song incessantly during some dark sad days. Profoundly desperate and heartbreaking. How could you possibly not like that?”

New Keane album 'Cause and Effect' to be released on 20th September !! |  Steve Hoffman Music Forums

17. Crystal Ball (Under the Iron Sea, 2006)

“These boys are the band to watch! the songs have great melodies and they really press you to listen deeper the next to go around. i did not think the video did this song justice, but the song is so great, that it is more fun to close your eyes and let the music take you somewhere in your imagination”

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16. Perfect Symmetry (Perfect Symmetry, 2008)

“Avid, music-obsessive Keane fan, and this has got to be their best. The other songs are awesome, but this is a masterpiece. Each band/artist have many 10/10 worthy amazing songs, but every now and then they pop out with a masterpiece, and this song is theirs.”

15. Silenced by the Night (Strangeland, 2012)

“Well, actually most of ‘all’ Keane’s song is beautiful and amazing the way they are. But this one extremely makes me feel I really had the experience silenced by the night”

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14. Is It Any Wonder? (Under the Iron Sea, 2006)

“It’s great. Its more catchy than most of their songs and sounds more like rock. It has a great message, like peace and cooperation. It’s one of those songs that just stays with you forever.”

13. Bend & Break (Hopes and Fears, 2004)

“It has great meaning and every time the song starts to play, it sends me goosebumps and breaks my heart to pieces. I get the chills whilst listening to the lyrics and the dominance of piano throughout the whole song. He sounds sweet and melancholy – it gives me the thought of vulnerability and “getting through bad times together”. I will always find the song captivating and genius.”

12. Spiralling (Perfect Symmetry, 2008)

“Possibly a showcase of the artistic genius behind Keane and their sound. Although it differs greatly to the rock ingested theme of Under the Iron Sea and the piano driven pop of Hopes and Fears, this is truly one of Keane’s greatest masterpieces.”

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11. Disconnected (Strangeland, 2012)

“I love pretty much all the songs, but this one really sticks out. It sounds so different, yet feels similar to the rest of the band’s work.”

10. Nothing in My Way (Under the Iron Sea, 2006)

“This is very well placed in the ranks and it shows a brilliant tune along with other great aspects. The group show obvious talent and the lyrics mean greatness.”

9. Bedshaped (Hopes and Fears, 2004)

“Bedshaped is the best song for me. Hopes and Fears the best album. It is sad that they did not continue with the same style like Hopes and Fears.”

Keane – 'Strangeland' album review: Melancholy, glee and melody make their  remarkable return | Mithun On The Net

8. Can’t Stop Now (Hopes and Fears, 2004)

“The lyrics are just magic and poetic…”I noticed tonight that the world has been turning While I’ve been stuck here, withering away.” The piano in this song is so overpowering, I love it!”

7. Stop for a Minute (Night Train, 2010)

“Its an awesome song. Its special. It contains everything. It is also very touching. This is just an amazing song. I can’t live without it.”

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6. Sovereign Light Cafe (Strangeland, 2012)

“This song definitely deserves a spot in the top 10. This song has an amazing beat and a great meaning. To never forget where you came from. Even though you might be born somewhere and end up somewhere else during life, you should never forget about where you came from, because where you came from makes you an individual apart from others.”

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5. The Lovers are Losing (Perfect Symmetry, 2008)

“I really love this song, the part where the chorus starts brings me an electric feel, but all the song give me a strange feeling. Definitely one of the best of one of the best band ever”

4. A Bad Dream (Under the Iron Sea, 2006)

“It is an amazing song. It makes me feel empowered, I look back at my ex relationship and all the problems it brought me, and this song makes me confront them all. Wake up and do your thing because no one will rescue you kind of song… Just beautiful.”

3. This is the Last Time (Hopes and Fears, 2004)

“I really love that piano and drums and then those lyrics in the chorus. I sometimes can’t stop listening to it! This song was the song that my mother was listening to right before I was born so it has a special place in my heart, but anyway the song itself is the best out of Keane’s. No disrespect to the other songs which are still amazing (I was stuck between this and Everybody’s Changing), but this is the absolute best.”

Keane: Hopes and Fears Album Review | Pitchfork

2. Everybody’s Changing (Hopes and Fears, 2004)

“Keane wrote this song when they were trying to discover where they were in the world, they had stopped still. All of their friends around them had moved on with life and they were stuck. The song’s meaning is to convey this, where everybody’s changing and nothing feels right. It also has a part in it about “fading into beautiful light.” I relate this to a lover I once had, and once she had gone she began to dissolve very fast. Amazing song.”

1. Somewhere Only We Know (iTunes Live From London 2006)

“This is the greatest song by Keane, and the first one I ever heard. Something about the chorus really catches your attention because it sounds ethereal and magical, and makes the listener really want to continue. I first saw this song in a BBC ad, and I was struck by how wonderful it sounded. This song is definitely the top Keane song.”