Kid Rock Songs Ranked

Robert James Ritchie (born January 17, 1971), better known by his stage names Kid Rock and Bobby Shazam, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, musician, and record producer. In a career spanning 30 years, Rock’s musical style alternates between rock, hip hop, and country. A multi-instrumentalist, he has overseen his own production on nine of his eleven studio albums. Kid Rock started his professional music career as a self-taught rapper and DJ, releasing his debut album Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast in 1990 on Jive Records. His subsequent independent releases The Polyfuze Method (1993) and Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp (1996) saw him developing a more distinctive style, which was fully realized on Devil Without a Cause (1998), his breakthrough album, which sold 14 million copies. Devil Without a Cause and his subsequent album, Cocky (2001), were noted for blending elements of hip hop, country, rock, and heavy metal. Starting with his 2010 album Born Free, the country music style has dominated his musical direction. Here are all of Kid Rock songs ranked.

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20. I Am the Bullgod (The Polyfuze Method, 1993)

“Amazing song this one should be number 1, 2 or 3 vote this one up higher please amazing guitar drums bass and singing. I have no idea what he is trying to say but it’s still one hell of a song.”

19. Celebrate (Rebel Soul, 2012)

“This is a solid kid rock cd from front to back. He has gone totally southern rock, eliminating the tired forced hip hop element, love how he always shows the love for his hometown area in a couple songs.”

18. Let’s Ride (Rebel Soul, 2012)

“Kid rock is amazing all you haters need to shut your mouths he’s amazing and talented and is from my home state Michigan which is amazing! So like i said if you think he sucks or don’t like him go listen to Justin Bieber because that means your not cool or smart!”

17. Rock Bottom Blues (Born Free, 2010)

“It is nice to listen to southern rock music instead of all the rap we hear these days. I have listened to Kid Rock for many years, it’s funny to think as I grow older in mind and spirit, so does many of the music artists. Great CD when you just need to take a break from all the noise and relax.”

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16. Lowlife (Living the Highlife) (Rock n Roll Jesus, 2007)

“Lowlife (Living The Highlife)is probably the only track that the dominating country sound does not harm, goes in the right direction with a decent riff, strong brass section and, above all, far more life than much before.”

15. So Hott (Rock n Roll Jesus, 2007)

“From the moment I heard the opening lyrics “You’ve got a body like the Devil and you smell like sex” I knew I was going to hate this. And it that regard, it didn’t disappoint; it’s one of the worst pieces of music ever written.”

14. Roll On (Rock n Roll Jesus, 2007)

“The calm blues number Roll On surprisingly turns out to be a less overwhelming, but always strong album favorite , which brings together a more than sympathetic flow here and there with easy guitars, subtle drums and interspersed piano.”

13. What I Learned Out on the Road (Cocky, 2001)

“This disc crosses over many styles, often within a single tune, at some times with excellent effect, at others making one think the radio station had suddenly been changed, mid-tune. For example, on “What I Learned Out On The Road”, the transitions work pretty well, from the folky, bluesy opening into the metal/rap sections and back.”

12. Forever (Cocky, 2001)

“”Forever” sounds like any AOR-type song you’ve ever heard, but the lyrics use the worst “rhymes” I’ve ever heard (he rhymes “rock” twice…). Most of the songs continue the Kid Rock tradition of proclaiming he’s “Kid Rock, from Detroit, he’s badass, hes jammed with Hank Jr, he’s a badass, and he’s been on the road,” it could get old, but I sure as hell don’t listen to Kid Rock for his lyrical content…its just good fun party music.”

11. Born Free (Born Free, 2010)

“A beautiful song by a great artist. I think this song is one of the best songs Rock had ever played. The rhythm is unbelievable, the song’s clip is amazing. Kid Rock is fantastic all his songs tell about life and in a truthful way.”

10. Amen (Rock n Roll Jesus, 2007)

“The song Amen can stand on its own! Talk about helping me out of the dark to see a better side of Life… Amen! The lyrics of this song is so true about this world today wolves in sheep clothed pastures”

9. Greatest Show on Earth (Sweet Southern Sugar, 2017)

“A basic and stunted delivery is given vocally. The instrumentation sounds like Clutch if every member of that band just stopped caring, had no energy or groove at all, and they replaced Neil Fallon with a man who has no force or depth in his voice and not even a quarter of his charisma.”

8. Cocky (Cocky, 2001)

“One of his best songs off that album and never meet a like me were the only good hits on that album I was a bit disappointed because devil with out a cause was such a big hit album you would of thought corky would have been just as good?”

7. American Bad Ass (The History of Rock, 2000)

“I love this song! I like all these other songs and agree that all summer long deserve to be at the top… but this song is just so.. rock! I love it! I sing it all the time! Makes me so happy:) it is a great song to just scream your heart out to!”

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6. Cowboy (Devil Without a Cause, 1998)

“The flip-’em off show of attitude continues on the laid back, west coast pimpin’ “Cowboy” which chases the album’s hard drivin’ opening cut. Rock definitely has a sense of humour and fun that come out on this disc, from the music hall piano break in “Cowboy”

5. Lonely Road of Faith (Cocky, 2001)

“I’ve been a fan of Kid Rock for many years. This song has special meaning on a personal level. This is the first song by Kid Rock that I truly fell in love with. This is one of the greatest songs in the history of music “

4. Only God Knows Why (Devil Without a Cause, 1998)

“This song has made my life complete… This song has become my life, I probably listen to it 20 times a day. I’ll keep moving on, and only god knows why… KR is without a doubt one of the best and most talented artists to allow us to listen into his amazing work!”

3. Picture (Cocky, 2001)

“His voice goes so well with Cheryl Crow to create an awesome love song. It is definitely my favorite duet of all time. I cried when I heard this song. It’s truly a great song. Everyone should hear it at least once.”

2. Bawitdaba (Devil Without a Cause 1998)

“Great song for people who feel down gets you pumped up for anything. Catchy, with a beat you can mosh too. Sort of a mini anthem of the modern blue collar American, and those who might reside on the wrong side of the tracks. Angsty, angry, gritty, grounded ultimately – even if bravado and swagger fueled.”

1. All Summer Long (Rock n Roll Jesus, 2007)

““All Summer Long” isn’t a complex masterpiece that takes time to unravel, but perhaps a Midwest – or to be more precise – Michigan mindset is a prerequisite to actually “getting” it, let alone liking it.”