King Animal Songs Ranked

King Animal is the sixth and final studio album by American rock band Soundgarden. It was released on November 13, 2012, by Seven Four Entertainment and Republic Records in the United States, and by Vertigo Records in the rest of the world. Produced by both the band and Adam Kasper, the album is the band’s first in sixteen years, and the first not to be released on A&M Records since 1988’s Ultramega OK. However, Republic, Vertigo and A&M are all owned by Universal Music Group. It is also Soundgarden’s final studio album to be released before the death of frontman Chris Cornell in 2017 and the subsequent dissolution of the band in 2019. Here are all of King Animal songs ranked.

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13. Worse Dreams

“This song starts with a more lumbering bass riff with almost dreamlike guitar in many areas. It crescendos to a sound more reminiscent of Down on the Upside. It seems to me more of a mishmash of a bad dream and nightmare feeling to in by the end.”

12. A Thousand Days Before

“This is a rare glimpse of a lighter track from Soundgarden. I like what they have done with this song by fusing several different sounds together and pulling from different soundscapes to conjure a very likeable song. While this is lighter, it is not decaf. It still contains some heavy riffs that help create contrast.”

King Animal Deluxe Edition - Chris Cornell Forever

11. Rowing

“In my honest opinion they did not give it the chance and could not look past what the song accomplishes. This is one of the most unique songs I have heard in a while, and I am proud that Soundgarden took this leap. The song sounds like an old slave song that has been given a radical facelift.”

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10. Black Saturday

“This song is another lighter track where the band branches out to use differing sounds that create a lighter sound. This is almost the antithesis of a Black Hole Sun in that while it is a lighter sound, the lyrics are anything but. This is a play on words of a different sort. While I am not sure if that is what they were going for, it almost feels like an Arabic third cousin (because of the sound itself).”

Soundgarden - Seattle Rock Legends | uDiscover Music

9. Attrition

“This song has a more muddied almost punk sound. A slight side step from what Soundgarden is used to producing. It is a nice change of pace for some fresh sound, though not my favorite song.”

8. Halfway There

“While many have blasted this song for sounding like something off of Cornell’s solo discs in the first half of the song, it is meant to be more of a retrospective track in my opinion. I suggest you at least give it a listen and see what you think.”

Soundgarden: 8 of The Best | I Like Your Old Stuff | Iconic Music Artists &  Albums | Reviews, Tours & Comps

7. Eyelids Mouth

“It starts with a calm cool bass riff that pops into a more powerful guitar riff to match. Cornell’s voice soars then dives several times in this song into the chorus. While it is not my favorite song, it does play with some sounds that give it a good feel and I do find myself skipping to it at times.”

6. Bones of Birds

“Cornell has already said this song was written with his children in mind. It is a more mature Soundgarden song, a bit more slow tempo, and not for everyone. I personally like it though.”

Chris Cornell – 'From Soundgarden to Saying Goodbye' – Wall Of Sound

5. By Crooked Steps

“Both lyrically and musically, this is probably one of the best songs off of the disc. This song has a mix of heavy Soundgarden riffs, echoing vocal effects, and the almost otherworldly guitar playing of Thayil. Cornell uses his voice to seduce and scream in various parts of this song which helps to inflect the lyrics of the song. What can I say other than it is very well put together and played very tightly.”

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4. Blood on the Valley Floor

“This song has a much darker and grungy feel to it. It is possibly the heaviest song on the disc. Cornell’s vocals are almost serpentine at points and the song lends itself back to a space and time between Badmotorfinger and Superunknown”

Beyond the Upside: A Decade of Soundgarden - Rolling Stone

3. Taree

“This song sounds like it is from Down on the Upside. While not upbeat, it is not sedate. The song itself is then a more melancholy sound for the band. Not for all, but I have caught myself going to it in particular.”

2. Non-State Actor

“This is an obvious slight to corporate America. While the song itself takes off like a locomotive, it does change up beats several times. This is a heavier song but unlike any previous work singularly. It is more an amalgamation of several different bodies of work. This song has had some air time in my listening area, so you may have already heard it.”

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1. Been Away Too Long

“This song was the first single release off of the disc to see air time. The song itself has the feel of earlier work, while not as heavy and more upbeat tempo.”