Lacuna Coil Songs Ranked

Lacuna Coil is an Italian gothic metal band from Milan. Since their formation in 1994, the group has had two name changes, being previously known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal, and they have recorded nine studio albums, two extended plays, two live albums, two compilation albums, one video album, and sixteen singles and music videos. They have toured internationally and were nominated in 2006 for an MTV Europe Music Award. They won the 2012 Metal Female Voices Fest Award for the Best Album, the 2016 Metal Hammer Award for the Best International Band, and the 2018 Metal Hammer Golden Gods Award for Best Live Act. The band’s 2012 release, Dark Adrenaline, peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200. As of March 2012, Lacuna Coil has sold over two million albums worldwide. Here are all of Lacuna Coil’s songs ranked.

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10. Nothing Stands in Our Way (Broken Crown Halo, 2014)

“This song can be a headbanger motivating you to overcome obstacles or a scathing indictment of the hubris of humanity depending upon how you choose to look at it. Definitely a favorite of mine!”

9. Intoxicated (Dark Adrenaline, 2012)

“Easily my favorite song here is the almost entirely Cristina-driven “Intoxicated”, the heaviest song on the album. Again, I was a bit iffy about her overuse of the “Irish warble”, but cut my throat if I tell a lie, it’s so intoxicating I couldn’t get enough of hearing it.”

8. Kill the Light (Dark Adrenaline, 2012)

” “Kill the Light” is another rocking song. I think the main thing these songs are missing is a bit of grunt, a real kick in the guitars, drums and vocals to really bring the maximum out of them. “

Dark Adrenaline - Album by Lacuna Coil | Spotify

7. Swamped (Comalies, 2002)

“One of the signature songs of Lacuna, it has a powerful intro with Scabbia belting it high, followed by Ferro’s aggressive vocals.. The riffs and drums are electrifying all the way! The overall effect is enchanting!”

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6. Spellbound (Shallow Life, 2009)

“Spellbound” is the prime example of a cute, simple, radio-friendly and ultimately unimpressive rock single, no wonder its lasting power has been of two months and it grew old quickly..”

5. Enjoy the Silence (Karmacode, 2006)

“Deluxe digipack single containing a smart little double sided poster, as well as the album version of the Depeche Mode classic Enjoy The Silence as well as a couple of bonus live tracks, To The Edge and Fragile. Being present at the London Forum gig, I was the one of the first people to hear these new tracks live, although the recordings actually come for the State Theatre in St Petersburg, FL; March 20th; 2006.”

LACUNA COIL | Karmacode - Nuclear Blast

4. Heaven’s a Lie (Comalies, 2002)

“Pretty good gothic metal song. It has a great synphonic section, the vocals come sweeping in and are very enjoyable. There is a lot of emotion placed into the track, and in terms of guitars it is simple but good enough. Overal great single from this gothic metal band.”

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3. End of Time (Dark Adrenaline, 2012)

“This album is awesome. I’d pop this one on anytime. This album is highly melodic, the vocals are great and even the guy’s singing is good I feel. It adds an edge most bands of this genre lack. Each song is unique and stands out as an individual.”

2. Trip the Darkness (Underworld: Awakening, 2012)

“This is a very cool song, like all Lacuna Coil songs. It does have an awesome video to it as well, for those who have not seen the video, it’s worth hopping on youtube to see Lacuna Coil’s official video for the song.”

Lacuna Coil - Comalies (Re-issue 2019)(black LP+CD) - Music

1. Our Truth (Karmacode, 2006)

“I especially like the Asian influence with the Japanese instrument in the beginning, the sitar barely heard in the background, and Scabbia’s middle eastern inspired wails. This song has started my never ending love for Lacuna. Vocals and guitars have so much power and I love to listen it again and again! It never gets boring.”