Lamb of God Songs Ranked

Lamb of God is an American heavy metal band from Richmond, Virginia. Formed in 1994 as Burn the Priest, the group consists of bassist John Campbell, vocalist Randy Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, and drummer Art Cruz. The band is considered a significant member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement. Since its formation, Lamb of God has released nine studio albums, one live album, one compilation album, and three DVDs. The band’s cumulative sales equal almost two million in the United States, including one album certified Gold by the RIAA. In 2010 and 2011 the band received Grammy nominations for songs from their 2009 album Wrath. They also received a nomination in 2016 for their song “512”. Lamb of God has toured with the Ozzfest twice. Other appearances include Download Festival and Sonisphere Festival in the UK, Soundwave Festival, Mayhem Festival 2010, and Gigantour. From 2008 to 2010 they toured as part of Metallica’s World Magnetic Tour and supported Slayer on their final world tour in 2018 and 2019. Here are all of the Lamb of God’s songs ranked.

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20. What I’ve Become (Killadelphia, 2004)

“This song should definitely be in the top 5. Great screaming by Randy Blythe and sick guitar playing makes this song one of their best to date Underrated song. If you weren’t before, you’ll definitely be headbanging once you hit 1:20.”

19. Desolation (Lamb of God, 2012)

“This song is so brutal I want to snap my grandmas neck whenever it blasts out of my speakers. This is song must be the third or second of the top, cause the music make me lost my brain, so awesome speed of metal.”

18. 11th Hour (As The Palaces Burn, 2003)

“If I have to say something about this song, then I would say it is a master piece. The lyrics are really powerful and they mean very strong things. Music as well is very strong and powerful. Head bangs automatically when you hear this song and its awesome riffs!”

17. 512 (VII: Sturm und Drang, 2015)

“First song I listen from them, it hooked me with the nasty riff at the chorus, oh and the video also very good nonetheless. And it also nominated at Grammy. Great track from what is certainly one of the best death/thrash metals albums in recent times.”

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16. Choke Sermon (Wrath, 2009)

“It got powerful riffs.. And awesome lyrics and awesome Guitar lines… It should be in top 10 at least.. But all the top ten songs are amazing.”

15. King Me (Resolution, 2012)

“Easily the best song from Resolution. Resolution have some promising tracks like ghost walking, terminally unique and to the end but king me is truly unique. There’s no other song by them that sounds like this one. A beautiful final track from the album.”

14. The Faded Line (Ashes Of The Wake, 2004)

“The drum fills made by Chris Adler at the beginning of in this song. Exemplifies all of the necessary aspects of a Lamb of God song. I can’t choose which one is the greatest. So I listen to all of them.”

13. Broken Hands (Wrath, 2009)

“The double bass timing is just genius! Plus the heavy guitar parts and great shouts, it’s a very hard to not to like this song. If I want to destroy something this song gets me in the mood like none other.”

12. Vigil (As The Palaces Burn, 2003)

“This song is damn…awesome…the best as far…! It has everything in it..the denial, the hatred, the cursing everything… Completely a song that deserves a good spot…”

11. Ghost Walking (Resolution, 2012)

“A dirty rig and a heavenly nod” one of the most badass lines in a song I’ve ever heard! But laid to rest and the song from their newest album overlord are also amazing. The transition from the acoustic intro to the metal riff is BIBLICAL”

10. Hourglass (Ashes Of The Wake, 2004)

“I think the guitars and drum in this song are greatly synchronized and lyrics are solid enough to make people go crazy. The last half of this song is INCREDIBLE!”

9. Grace (Wrath, 2009)

“TUNE – loving the intro the speed and drive of this song is awesome. when they played this live it was just amazing – the solo they put at the beginning of the song made me actually jizz my pants”

8. Black Label (New American Gospel, 2000)

“This song has the most brutal bass drums I’ve ever heard in my life. Man, this is definitely the hardest hitting, heaviest lamb of god song. it is completely metal.”

7. Now You’ve Got Something to Die For (Ashes Of The Wake, 2004)

“Such an intense piece of artistic beauty, really. As a song writer and musician, the lyrics of this song are eye to eye with my perception on the matter. The guitar and drums radiate of nothing but greatness. Truly a masterpiece!”

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6. Ruin (As The Palaces Burn, 2003)

“Most artistic piece of the lamb of god… Perfect solos perfect lyrics perfect growling… The lyrics are very meaningful and tell us a lot The music video has the best abrupt intro ever. “The Death to Evolution! “

5. Omerta (Ashes Of The Wake, 2004)

“Randy Blythe said about this song :-It is my favourite song that I play live.. This song is kick-ass song really the drum intro makes it sick and the guitar riff.. The vocals in it.”

4. Blacken the Cursed Sun (Sacrament, 2006)

“You can hear the coordination of the crowds and randy as he sings the last part! Totally AWESOME! This song is where Randy proves to be a lyrical magician. Can’t get better than this folks.”

3. Redneck (As The Palaces Burn, 2006)

“This song is so powerful. It sounds awesome, musically, and the vocals are greater than most of LOG songs. Specially at the mid part where the lead by mark morton combines with the deadly riff by Willie Edler.”

2. Walk With Me In Hell (As The Palaces Burn, 2006)

“The song has its own blend…vocals as always are brilliant and the guitar breakdown has been recorded in a very creative way that makes you listen to it very carefully. Skillful drumming and I just love the way the song goes from slow to fast then slow again and finally ends with a mindblowing yet controlled speed.”

1. Laid to Rest (Ashes Of The Wake, 2004)

“Right from the opening rift the song just pulls you in and doesn’t let go. Love the vocals on Randy in this too. You can really see what a great metal voice he has. All instrument played in this song are in equilibrium specially the drum.”