Lee Price Albums Ranked

Matthew Lee Price (born July 28, 1987) is an American Christian musician, music producer, and worship leader, who primarily plays Christian pop and contemporary worship music. He has released two extended plays, We Won’t Waver, in 2013, and, Dream, in 2016. He started his music recording career in 2013, by releasing, an extended play, We Won’t Waver, on September 24, 2013. He released a single, “Our Great Healer”, in 2014, featuring Laura Sully. His subsequent extended play, Dream, was released on February 10, 2016. Here are all of Lee Price’s albums ranked.

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4. Dream (2016)

Dream - EP - Single by Matt Price | Spotify

“This album is really really good it’s better than words. If you like mid-tempo, mellow, chilled-out music this is it. The production on the album is excellent I have zero issues with the length of the album.”

3. We Won’t Waver (2013)

We Won't Waver - Album by Matt Price | Spotify

“I like this album a lot. I suppose what makes it so good is the way everything is perfectly balanced here. It really builds on a certain atmosphere that gets it close to an ambient pop tag, yet it’s too song-oriented for that.”