Linkin Park Albums Ranked

Linkin Park is an American rock band from Agoura Hills, California. The band’s current lineup comprises vocalist/rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda, lead guitarist Brad Delson, bassist Dave Farrell, DJ/keyboardist Joe Hahn and drummer Rob Bourdon, all of whom are founding members. Vocalists Mark Wakefield and Chester Bennington and bassist Kyle Christner are former members of the band. Categorized as alternative rock, Linkin Park has experimented with their music throughout their career by incorporating heavy metal, hard rock, hip hop, pop, and electronica. Here are all of Linkin Park’s albums ranked.

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7. One More Light (2017)

“Admittedly when this first came out and I listened to it, I was like “are you kidding me? What happened to Linkin Park?” This coming from a LP fan who liked all their albums – particularly everything since 2007. The day I learned Chester had died, I through LP on shuffle and “Nobody Can Save Me” was one of the first songs that came up. That song, and the album overall changed in my eyes after his death. Sucks it took something like that to make me appreciate the album. Lyrically it’s right up there with any LP album, musically it’s quite different, but it’s Chester’s swan song and at least we have that.”

6. The Hunting Party (2014)

“It’s cool to know this Album Has a Few Jems, Including Tom Morello’s Performance, but the real reason i had to cop this album was for one song alone: Final Masquerade. Since Chester’s Passing, ive played this song a Million times and it never gets Old, yet gets better with range. if anything this album was mostly slept on, but if youre like me and Appreciate every record that LP has ever released, you’ll want to Add this one to your collection.”

5. Living Things (2012)

“I heard a lot about this album taking the “Electronic Dance Music” route, and I admit that I’m not a huge fan of EDM. With that being said, I have to say that Linkin Park put in just enough of their own style into the mix to make this album palatable. I was surprised by the fact that I like every song on the album, which is a rare occasion. Even now as I’m typing this review out, I’m going through each song trying to find something that I don’t like; and to no avail. Chester’s singing/screaming is great; Mike’s lyrics are fantastic; and the instrumentals by themselves are even worth a buy.”

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4. A Thousand Suns (2010)

“This album seems to always get overlooked by Linkin Park fans. Personally, I think they did a pretty great job on this record. The reason that this album is not popular amongst fans is because of it’s stylisitc change that considerably differs from Linkin Park’s best-selling albums. Instead of being Nu-Metal, Alternative Rock, or Rap Metal – A Thousand Suns is an Industrial/Electronic Rock Concept Album with incorporations of Rap Rock and Alternative Rock. It’s meant to be listened to all at once to receive the full experience rather than shuffling between tracks. All I can say is, whether or not you’ll like record honestly on your music taste. If you like electronic rock and/or industrial music with rap parts, clean singing, political lyrics, and a progressive-like influences…then you should definitely give this one a listen.”

3. Minutes To Midniht (2007)

“This album marks the first time that Linkin Park ventured away from the iconic, classic, numetal/rap sound that had gained them fame and acclaim. Not only had their sound changed dramatically, but so did their messages and lyrical content. A little politically-charged for my tastes, you can’t really argue with the results. A lot of classics on this album, and definitely one of their best.”

2. Meteora (2003)

“Brilliant. I remember hearing this for the first time. Linkin Park seemed unstoppable after their first great album they seemed to just be getting better, with amazing rock ballads like Numb and Somewhere I belong. Even though these are a couple of my favorite all the other songs, the other songs on the album are also great. On a side note as great as all these songs are, a number of the videos of these if I remember 5 of them reached number one the video music awards.”

1. Hybrid Theory (2000)

“What can I say? I don’t think there are words that could do this review justice. In short, this album is breathtaking. Every time I listen, I respect and understand the psyche of Chester and Co better. Like many, I was left shocked and devastated by the death of Chester. But listening with fresh ears, to the lyrics of this album… it was there, it was always there in the songs. A warning that suicide would take him eventually. He fought it so hard with such spirit.”