Lykke Li Albums Ranked

Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson (born 18 March 1986), known as Lykke Li, is a Swedish singer, songwriter, and model. Her music often blends elements of indie pop, dream pop, and electronic. Her debut studio album, Youth Novels, was released in 2008 and has been followed by Wounded Rhymes (2011), I Never Learn (2014), and So Sad So Sexy (2018). Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson was born in Ystad, Skåne; her mother, Kärsti Stiege [sv], was a photographer, and her father, Johan Zachrisson [sv] (stage name Zilverzurfarn), is a member of the Swedish punk-reggae band Dag Vag. Her younger brother, Zacharias Zachrisson (a.k.a. Vacation Forever), is also a musician. The family moved to Stockholm when Zachrisson was a toddler and when she was six moved to a mountaintop in Portugal where they lived for five years. The family also spent time in Lisbon and Morocco, and winters in Nepal and India. She moved to Brooklyn, New York City, for three months when she was 19. She returned when she was 21 to record her album. Here are all of Lykke Li’s albums ranked.

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4. So Sad So Sexy, 2018

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“Quite beautiful. Sounds like a genuine experiment with hip hop than a bid for mainstream attention. Her vocals are still the main attraction. Her melodies and harmonies are captivating. The soundscape has changed into something more down to earth but her delivery is still up in the skies.”

3. Youth Novels, 2008

Youth Novels - Album by Lykke Li | Spotify

“As the title suggests, this album truly is a novel. I do not know what it is about this piece of art, but it it caught me from the first time I heard it years ago. First suggested to me by a friend whose musical opinion I value greatly, as he has basically listened to everything, “Youth Novels” has something about it that keeps fascinating me. While this is not an album I can listen to whenever and wherever, it is always a new experience when I do. The high-pitched, almost shy voice, the often simplistically reduced lyrics and the shift between styles of music is something I usually do not like too much.”

2. I Never Learn, 2014

Lykke Li: I Never Learn Album Review | Pitchfork

“This album is a glorious look into a heartbroken woman. It’s artistic, it’s vulnerable, and it’s easily understood by anyone who has ever dealt with heartbreak. The album is only 9 tracks long, but that means that there’s literally no filler and you can listen to the entire album as a full experience without getting bored. The production is lowkey but still powerful in most of the songs, the vocals are heartbreaking and true to Li, and the album overall is a work of art that is very underrated in my opinion.”

1. Wounded Rhymes, 2011

Lykke Li: Wounded Rhymes Album Review | Pitchfork

“Solid through and through. I haven’t heard her first album, but I’ve always imagined her sounding more inoffensively mainstream. Turns out I was wrong. It sounds fresh, ambitious, yet never at the expense of the melodies, which are quite unique and are really great. Most of the songs are very catchy and there are some nice hooks all over the record. I’m also a big fan of the stripped-down slower tracks. It’s hard for me to pick my favorite song, but I think I’d go with the strangely touching “I Know Places” if I had to choose one. Looking forward to hearing more from her.”