Mardi Gras Songs Ranked

Mardi Gras is the seventh and final studio album by American band Creedence Clearwater Revival, released on April 11, 1972. Recorded after the departure of guitarist Tom Fogerty, it was their only album as a trio, with the group also sharing lead vocals on select tracks. The recording sessions were marred by personal and creative tensions, and the group disbanded after a short U.S. tour to support the album. Unlike previous albums, Mardi Gras had Stu Cook and Doug Clifford sharing songwriting and production with John Fogerty, as well as their own lead vocal contributions for the first time. Reviews were mixed to poor, with Jon Landau stating in his original Rolling Stone review that the record was “the worst album I have ever heard from a major rock band”, and may be known in the future as “Fogerty’s Revenge”. Following the album’s release, the group was officially dissolved on October 16, 1972 in a statement released by the group and its record label Fantasy Records. Mardi Gras is the only album by the band that was not remastered and reissued until the 40th anniversary of their formation, in 2008. Here are all of Mardi Gras songs ranked.

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10. Lookin’ for a Reason

“Fogerty opens up the album with this one. It’s too hokey country for my taste, and I like some hokey country. John actually has an uncanny vocal r to Clarence White of the later-day Byrds on this one.”

9. What Are You Gonna Do

“Doug handling vocals once again and it’s a better rocker that Stu’s “Take It Like A Friend,” that’s for sure. The song comes complete with female backup vocals on the chorus.”

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8. Take It Like a Friend

“Stu’s vocal debut on the album. It’s a funky, groovy rocker with Stu sounding not unlike Gene Parsons of the later-day Byrds, only more gruff and well, out of tune.”

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7. Sail Away

“Another one from Stu which probably would’ve made a better Jimmy Buffett song! Stu’s vocals here are downright HORRIBLE. So bad you’ll either sit through it and laugh or run to hit the skip button on your CD player.”

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6. Need Someone to Hold

“Doug’s vocal debut on the album. Not all that bad, a good musical and lyrical exercise in lonliness. It’s emotional and confessing. A point for ole Doug here.”

5. Hello Mary Lou

“CCR are legends and everyone knows a bit of their catalog, but THIS is a diamond in the rough for anyone interested in late night Neil Young, Gram Parsons, Byrdsish – Doug Sahm early 70’s stoner country rock.”

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4. Tearin’ Up the Country

“The sharing of vocal duties is also refreshing. MARDI GRAS is a very good final effort by one of the most popular groups of the classic rock era, Creedence Clearwater Revival.”

3. Sweet Hitch-Hiker

“And what can be said here as well? Full tilt classic CCR to close out a hodge-podge album. A hit single in 1971 before fans knew what would be coming in April of 1972!”

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2. Someday Never Comes

“What can be said here? One of Fogerty’s best songs ever! This one never fails to get me teared up. One of the most “four piece” Creedence sounding songs on a “three piece” Creedence album.”

1. Door to Door

“This is probably the best lead vocal Stu turns in on the entire album. He does well on sounding “rude and crude” here though the lyrics are pretty out of touch with the rest of the CCR catalog.”