Martin Solveig Albums Ranked

Martin Laurent Picandet (born 22 September 1976), better known by his stage name Martin Solveig, is a French DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He hosts a weekly radio show called C’est La Vie on radio stations worldwide, including Radio FG in his homeland. He has been active since 1994. Solveig manages his own label called Mixture Stereophonic and was ranked number 29 in the 2011 DJ Mag Top 100 DJs. He has collaborated with, among others, Ina Wroldsen, David Guetta, Jax Jones (under their alias Europa), Laidback Luke, Dragonette, Kele of Bloc Party, and Madonna. Here are all of Martin Solveig’s albums ranked.

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5. Hedonist, 2005

Martin Solveig – Hedonist (2004, CD) - Discogs

“Martin Solveig is probably one the foremost DJs in the 21st century. Coming out of a rich European tradition of house music, Solveig is paving his own path. He is one of the players in the future of his genre of music. This album showcases his talent by featuring a combination of funky electronica beats with catchy rhythms. Personally, my favorite song in this collection is the slow and soulful “Don’t Waste Another Day”. I’m a huge fan and I can’t wait for him to invade the scene in the US.”

4. Sur la Terre, 2002

Martin Solveig – Sur La Terre (2002, Vinyl) - Discogs

“Martin Solveig hit the scene with SUR LA TERRE, an album of pure disco house that kicks off with the funk bass and groove of “Rocking Music.” “I’m A Good Man” leans more in a blues direction with the vocals to strong effect, while “Madan” brings in the African chorus, but “Destiny” takes Solveig back to his disco, though with the African roots still audible. Even the slower groove of “Burning Ethnic (Wake Up Mix)” carries some Afro-flavor. But when the Afro-torch burns bright, as on “Linda (MS Nasty Remix),” it’s lovely to behold. The deeper house of “Someday” or the Chicago-tinged piano chords of “You Are My Friend” offer a delicacy that also stands out. Indeed, “Sur La Terre” closes the album with a slice of sunny downtempo warmth, beamed directly from Brazil. On the disc of remixes, “Heartbeat” goes straight and unabashedly for the club, while Warren Clarke makes “Rocking Music” into a bongo frenzy. Mousse T takes a gospel-breaks approach to “I’m A Good Man,” and Kenny Dope shoots “Linda” into some cosmic disco. But it’s DJ Gregory’s mix of “Someday” that stands out; an already-great track gets a minimal rub. This album certainly helps you keep your feet on the ground.”

3. C’est la vie, 2008

C'est la vie: Martin Solveig, Martin Solveig: Musique

“From Louis Vega to Bob Sinclar, from David Guetta to Rocher Sanchez, French producer Martin Solveig has been one of the biggest influence of the electronic scene for the past few years. Reaching not only the top of the European club charts but also generating sales exceeding the hundred thousands, Martin Solveig has been the youngest electronic producer to reach a broad audience. A good album to see why.”

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2. Suite, 2003

Martin Solveig – Suite (2003, CD) - Discogs

“As much as I am not particularly a fan of Martin Solveig, I liked this album discovered and listened to by chance in the maze of the Strasbourg media library: I wanted the original in my own discotheque. A must.”

1. Smash, 2011

Smash (Deluxe) - Album by Martin Solveig | Spotify

“I admit that hearing some of the songs by Martin Solveig on iheartradio compelled me to give Smash by Martin Solveig a chance. Of course as a result of this, I enjoy the Night Out and We Came To Smash In A Black Tuxedo are some of my favorite songs on this cd. However, there are other fun songs on Smash by Martin Solveig such as Hello, Ready To Go, Big In Japan, Racer 21. Smash by Martin Solveig is perfect for those who are looking for uplifting club music with the tone/mood of having fun in life and/or looking on the bright side of life.”