Matt & Kim Albums Ranked

Matt and Kim (sometimes stylized MATT and KIM) are an American indie electronic duo from Brooklyn, New York. The group formed in 2004 and consists of Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums). The duo is known for its upbeat dance music and energetic live shows which often incorporate samples from other artists. Although they started their career playing shows in lofts and other close-quarters venues, they have since performed at numerous festivals, including Bonnaroo, Coachella, and the Firefly Music Festival. Here are all of Matt & Kim albums ranked.

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6. Almost Everyday (2018)

“The atrocious first track “Forever” sets the tone for the record as the duo chant “Don’t want to live forever, In this world of shit” over and over again on top of the blandest, dumbest EDM. Throughout the record they chant the broadest phrases so that they can appeal to the largest amount of people. Matt’s clever prose and experimental vocal deliveries of yesteryear are now non-existent.”

5. New Glow (2015)

“This album has some different sounds from previous Matt & Kim albums (“Stirred Up”, “Hoodie On”, and “Get It”). They are a bit of a departure and showcase the band’s creative diversity. At it’s core though, it still retains the energetic, good times feeling that makes me love their songs(“Hey Now, Can You Blame Me” and “Not Alone”). “World Is Ending” is my favorite from this album. From Kim’s vocals on the chorus, to the slow build in the hard hitting beat, coupled with the lyrics”

4. Matt And Kim (2006)

“Matt sounds a lot like the lead singer of Thursday (Geoff Rickly). i did happen to notice the faux-British accent(if that’s what it must be called); it really didn’t bother me. its a style thing i suppose. I really enjoy their unique sound as well as the courage it takes to put out a record with so little working knowledge of their instruments. that takes a lot of guts.”

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3. Sidewalks (2010)

“The lyrical content is smart and witty–lines such as “While I know it’s letters that can spell, I hear now it’s words that can say; I decided to start writing less and I’m talking more every day” make it difficult to determine if they simply favor a sardonic style of delivery, or if they are instead trying to achieve catharsis by making light of real life struggles.”

2. Lightning (2012)

“Lightning is just what you’d expect from a Matt and Kim album. Perky, happy tunes, catchy beats, and Matt joyfully belting out the lyrics. Let’s Go, Now, and Tonight are the highlights of the album, but I find myself enjoying the whole album. A few of the tracks are mild departures from the standard formula, notably 10 Dollars I Found, but they all still feel very much like Matt and Kim songs. I really enjoy the enthusiasm Mat and Kim seem to have for their music, and this album doesn’t disappoint.”

1. Grand (2009)

“Daylight is their key single, and it doesn’t require any warming up to like. I fell in love with its simple, catchy, unique lyrics. Sung by Matt who has a great voice and is perfectly casted with the wild Kim. In concert these two are insane! I watched them live at this years Lollapalooza in Chicago, and let me say they are awesome live.”