Meghan Trainor Songs Ranked

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor (born December 22, 1993) is an American singer-songwriter and talent show judge. She rose to prominence after signing with Epic Records in 2014 and releasing her debut single “All About That Bass”, which reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and sold 11 million copies worldwide and drew criticism for its lyrical content. Trainor has released three studio albums with the label and has received various awards and nominations, including the 2016 Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Womanhood, body image, and personal empowerment are frequently occurring lyrical themes in Trainor’s music, which is influenced by the popular music of the 1950s, and blends the genres pop, R&B, doo-wop and blue-eyed soul. Outside of the music industry, she has had voice roles in the animated films Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017) and Playmobil: The Movie (2019). She served as a judge on the television talent shows The Four: Battle for Stardom (2018) and The Voice UK (2020). Trainor’s accolades include a Grammy Award, four ASCAP Pop Music Awards, and two Billboard Music Awards. Here are all of Meghan Trainor’s songs ranked.

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15. Feel Better When I’m Dancin’ (Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, 2015)

“This song makes me want to get up and start dancing every time I hear it. No matter where I am this song just makes me want to dance.”

14. Walkashame (Title, 2014)

“It’s my absolute favorite song on her album ‘Title’. It is describing how not everything goes perfect and we have are moments but that shouldn’t stop us. This song is absolute perfect for some inspiration!”

13. No Good for You (Title, 2014)

“This song just tells a bout how a boy is really cheating on her for Meghan lol I love this song it’s the best it she be number 1 best song I always sing it everyday like literally she’s the best and Meghan fans want the best for her so I like this one.”

Meghan Trainor - Title - Music

12. Dance Like Yo Daddy (Thank You, 2016)

“This just reminds me of my cousin because my cousin always came to my house and I have pictures of her and I was so little and so is her and I miss her we always used to play the song every time she comes here I will always play this song it may just remind me of a memory thank you for making this song this is just for me and my cousin”

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11. Bang Dem Sticks (Title, 2014)

“Every song Meghan sings is great but bang dem sticks just gets you moving. I really like it. I listen many times and mist want to get up and move”

10. 3am (Title, 2014)

“A very good example of a ‘chill’ song. It’s not over the top and lyrics are sung in such a pleasant calming manner. I think this song is so catchy but not in an ongoing annoying way!”

Meghan Trainor - TREAT MYSELF (Deluxe) Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

9. Dear Future Husband (Title, 2014)

“The song is basically Meghan demanding that she has a husband who meets all of her requirements. The video literally shows her being unimpressed with all of the “fails” her boyfriends do. Rude. At least in most of her other popular songs, you could interpret the lyrics as musical satire. Here, you CAN’T because she’s being serious. I love Meghan a lot, but this was a bad song in my opinion.”

8. Me Too (Thank You, 2016)

“This song showed that Meghan was continuing to go uphill and that her second album would not disappoint (and it didn’t! )”

7. Title (Title, 2014)

“This song will never get old! I can listen to it over and over, and it will have the same good quality every time. I also like how I can relate to this song, so it cheers me up.”

Meghan Trainor – Thank You Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

6. Close Your Eyes (Title, 2014)

“I like the embassy behind the song. It’s about to don’t convince with looking good but with being a nice person. I love this song so much and every time that I hear it on the radio it makes me feel so great. This song is catchy and is my JAM.”

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5. Better When I’m Dancing (Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, 2015)

“If Meghan Trainor wasn’t talented enough, she’s picked a great song for this soundtrack. I’m a mobile DJ, the kind you’re most likely to meet at the wedding reception, company picnic, or other private events, and this tune always results in a packed dance floor! Most require a “break-in period,” but this one got hot right off the bat! More importantly, everybody of every age group seems to like it. I haven’t seen so many kids dancing with parents and grandparents since the Swing revival of the ’90s!”

4. No (Thank You, 2016)

“I feel like the idea for this song was great. It’s about having the courage and power to tell a guy who really likes your or even stalks you “No, I’m not going to date you”. The problem is the song’s execution. Meghan makes the song more obnoxious than it needs to be, especially with the second verse. “If I need a man, then imma get a man, but it’s never my priority” is where Meghan gets lost in the song.”

Meghan Trainor - I'll Sing with You Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

3. Lips Are Movin (Title, 2014)

“Lips are moving is totes the best song. It’s catchy, amazing and simply fun to dance to. Also, as I heart Meghan Trainor and admire her, this song makes me wanna cry cause it’s so cool.”

2. Like I’m Gonna Lose You (Wonderland: BFF, 2016)

“It shows you that u never know when that person you love won’t be there anymore so treat them with all your love every day! The most beautiful and meaningful song I have ever heard from her!”

1. All About that Bass (Title, 2014)

“This song kinda get on my nerves because it’s so popular and always comes on the radio. But I like what its about.Its about to accept ourselves bodys and be confident.”