Men Without Hats Albums Ranked

Men Without Hats are a Canadian new wave and synth-pop band, originally from Montreal, Quebec. Their music is characterized by the baritone voice of their American-born Canadian lead singer Ivan Doroschuk, as well as their elaborate use of synthesizers and electronic processing. They achieved their greatest popularity in the 1980s with “The Safety Dance”, a worldwide Top Ten hit (#3 in the United States), and “Pop Goes the World”. After a hiatus for most of the 1990s and 2000s, Doroschuk reformed the band in 2010 and released Love in the Age of War (2012). The reformed group, based in Vancouver, has continued to perform, including a European tour in 2015 and Australia in 2016. The group officially disbanded in 1993, after the career setback of failing to attract another American label as a result of the negative reception to Sideways. The band’s final concert was a benefit to support a women’s shelter in Montreal, with guitarist Denis D’Amour replacing Matte and Kastner, who both had left the band in 1992. Here are all of Men Without Hats albums ranked.

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9. Collection (1996)

“This is a great compilation of the best of this talented group. The music is fast, melodic pop and dance music with a quirky world-view thrown in. stand out tracks are “I like”, “Safety dance – extended mix” and “Antarctica”. Music should be fun and idiotic. Listen to the “Safety Dance” lyrics! Dance! Dance!!!”

8. No Hats Beyond This Point (2003)

“This is a very welcomed return to form by Men Without Hats. I don’t know what that other reviewer meant about this album being a “disappointment”, unless the expectation was wanting to hear yet another version of or reference to “Safety Dance.” Great song, but this band has much more to offer than that one timeless hit. MWH started out as a Synth band, and though I didn’t follow them through their Rock period, I applaud them for at least expanding their horizons a bit and trying something new.”

7. Sideways (1991)

” I tracked down the single version because it remember really liking it back in ’91, and that song’s release predates that of the seminal Nirvana single. Regardless of any conspiracy theories, “Sideways” is the best song you’ll hear about a sexual position. In terms of the album, this is a ROCK album that departs from MWH synth-based roots.”

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6. The Adventures Of Women & Men Without Hate In The 21st Century (1989)

“Every album offers the same dose of ballads and barnstormers. It’s unfortunate that their only song known by most people is the over hyped “Safety Dance”. These men do some seriously musical stuff if you can listen beyond the “slightly gruff at first” lead singing. “You & Me” is absolutely pretty. Sweeping strings and lovely piano dominate in all the right places. “

5. Freeways (1985)

“More synth-pop from Canada’s Men Without Hats. The vinyl version has the original Folk Of The 80’s EP on side one, and four mixes of ‘Freeways’ on side two, a track recorded in English, French, and German. More industrial sound than the pop you may have already heard. ‘Utter Space’ is one of my favorite tracks and I rate it highly.

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4. Love In The Age Of War (2012)

“Simply brilliant and deserving of all the accolades it has received! I’m still listening to this frequently to this day and it never gets old. I rank it right up there with their best material — it sounds fresh but staying true to their electronic sounds and roots. The only track on here that I typically skip over is “The Girl with the Silcon Eyes”, but even this one isn’t really bad.”

3. Pop Goes The World (1987)

“Pop Goes the World by Men Without Hats is one of my absolute favorite albums of all time. Other albums come and go, taking a spot as a favorite for a time then giving way to something new, but this one is always in my top 3 at any point in time. It is a positive, up-beat album that has been with me through countless good times, and helped me through bad times, including a period of severe depression. It is impossible to listen to this album without feeling good, or at least better that you did when you put it on.”

2. Folk Of The 80’s (Part III) (1984)

“With Folk of the 80’s part III, Ivan and his band are back with some cracking tracks filled with driving rhythms, lush electronics, and some really rocking guitar riffs. “Unsatisfaction”, ‘Where do the boys go”, and “I know their name” are standout tracks here and really groovy stuff. The track “Eurotheme” is an absolutely gorgeous arrangement of of spacey synths and choral harmonies that show just how professional MWH were in their heyday, and how sad it is that they were not recognized more widely for just how good they actually were both in their recordings and performance. “

1. Rhythm Of Youth (1982)

“Men without Hats to me, define what “pop” music should be – fun, catchy, and melodic. “Rhythm of Youth” is the epitome of this kind of music. It’s very high energy fun – I would recommend it as a safe alternative to drugs for anyone who needs a pick-me-up! “Folk of the 80’s” is a little more melodic and not quite as bouncy, but also great”