Montrose Albums Ranked

Montrose was a California-based hard rock band formed in 1973 and named after guitarist and founder Ronnie Montrose. The band’s original lineup featured Montrose and vocalist Sammy Hagar, who would later go on to greater fame as a solo artist and as a member of Van Halen. Rounding out the original foursome were bassist Bill Church and drummer Denny Carmassi. The group disbanded in early 1977. Here are all of Montrose albums ranked.

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6. Jump On It (1976)

“A different Montrose without Sammy Hagar, but this is a nice mix of tunes. Rockers and a couple of ballads. Really love the song ” Music Man”. That was what Ronnie Montrose was. The man could play. “Jump On It” also contains some very fine rock ballads. “Music Man” gives me goosebumps, even to this very day… James’ plaintive vocals (“Let me be your music…man”) hit you squarely on the solar plexus.”

5. Mean (1987)

“Not one of the classic Montrose albums, but definitely the best one since the untouchable self-titled debut. On Mean, Ronnie had drafted powerhouse singer Johnny Edwards (ex-Buster Brown), whose raspy voice fits Ronnie’s riffing perfectly. The last album of Montrose as a band. Hard to find, but well worth looking for!”

4. Warner Brothers Presents… Montrose! (1975)

“The band on this album is slightly different from the bands two previous ones. Bass player Bill Church, who played on the classic debut, had already left the band. His replacement, Alan Fitzgerald, who was on board for 1974s “Paper Money” is on hand for this album. Most importantly, however, vocalist Sammy Hagar, who had sang on the first two albums was gone. His replicant was newcomer Bob James.”

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3. Paper Money (1974)

“I feel “Paper Money” is so much deeper, soulful and more interesting than their debut. You still have the crushing rockers “I Got the Fire”, “The Dreamer” and “Paper Money” which would have easily fit on the first LP. The instrumental “The Dreamer” and “Spaceage Sacrifice” give Ronnie a chance to stretch out on guitar far beyond anything on the debut disc. This is in addition to my two favorite tracks, the pop cruncher “Underground” and the gorgeous ballad “We’re Going Home” where Ronnie’s guitar playing sparkles.”

2. The Very Best Of Montrose (2000)

“If you like cool guitar riffs, an awesome rhythm section and great vocals this album is for you. The first five tracks have tunes that will be stuck in your head for days (which is a good thing)! The rest of the compilation is okay, but bear in mind that Sammy Hagar is only featured on about the first eight tracks.”

1. Montrose (1973)

“Montrose debuted with the smokin’ self-titled debut, coming on like a faster, heavier version of the Who on many cuts, with Sammy Hagar sounding like Roger Daltrey especially with his guttural, primal, rock & roll screams. Montrose “Montrose” was a landmark of early American Heavy Metal. The now often imitated guitar as motorcycle up shifting intro of Ronnie Montrose’s guitar on “Bad Motor Scooter,” firmly implanted in the minds & muses of headbangers of the early ’70s.”