Moonflower Songs Ranked

Moonflower is a double album released in 1977 by Santana. The recording features both studio and live tracks, which are interspersed with one another throughout the album. It is perhaps the group’s most popular live album, because Lotus did not receive a U.S. domestic release until 1991. It displays a mix between the fusion of Latin and blues-rock styles of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and the much more experimental and spiritual jazz fusion sound that characterized the band’s mid-1970s work. The live material was recorded during the supporting tour for the Amigos album. A cover version of the Zombies’ mid-1960s hit song “She’s Not There” was released as a single and peaked at #27. The song was the first Santana recording to hit the Top 40 of the Billboard charts since “No One to Depend On” reached #36 in 1972. The album reached #10 on the Billboard charts and was eventually certified platinum, neither of which occurred again until the star-studded Supernatural in 1999. Here are all of Moonflower songs ranked.

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10. Carnaval

“Every musician has their peak period and I believe as a guitar player the ’75-’80 period was Santana’s peak and this album is a great representation of that era. For fans of as good it gets guitar playing, with great musicians playing along: Moonflower is for you. I highly recommend this this great 1977 collection as a great memory of how this version of the Santana Band sounded. 5 stars for a solid addition to any classic music collection.”

9. Let the Children Play

“Many suggest that while the live songs are creditable the new material, the studio songs, are below par. While Allmusic gives the previous live album, Lotus, five stars, it gives Moonflower just three. I love the entire four sides. I’ve searched for a weak cut – can’t find one! Carlos’ playing is, as always, superb. Tom Coster on Hammond and Greg Walker on vocals add tremendous support.”

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8. I’ll Be Waiting

“I’ll Be Waiting, released as a single which did not crack the top 40, it is a pretty R&B flavored vocal song (Greg Walker, vocalist on AMIGOS is back on this album and sounds much better here).”

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7. Bahia

“Bahia” sounds like Al Di Meola for the first few seconds (or rather, Al sounds like Santana, lol!). And I love the upbeat guitar part in the middle of this song. Yeah it screams dated mid 70’s but who cares.”

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6. Gypsy Queen

“What would a Santana album be without his famous “Black Magic woman/Gypsy Queen?” It’d be a little bit naked huh! Truthfully this song has been played so many times I could certainly live without it by this point, but hey, a live version from a particularly boisterous performance? Sure, I’ll take it then! The guitar riff and vocals are about what I’d expect without doing anything different.”

5. Europa

“So what, it sounds great and is a perfect summary of the 2nd period of the Santana band legacy. “Europa” is the highlight of disc one and Carlos makes his guitar sing better than most vocalist: What a great song.”

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4. Soul Sacrifice

“Soul Sacrifice/Head, Hands & Feet” completely blows most live acts out of the water 20,000 times over. The intense guitar solo in the beginning leads into a fairly lengthy and explosive (tribal and regular) jazzy drum jam, and you know, stuff this great simply can NOT be ignored. “

3. El Morocco

“El Morocco” features exceptionally heavy guitar playing bordering on funk because of the way it just tears through your speakers. Reminds me of a few Jimi Hendrix solos. “

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2. Savor

“If you are a new fan of Santana, looking backward, be sure to stop here, this album is not dated as with some of the works to come, it proves itself to be vital and fresh even today. “

1. Toussaint l’Overture 

“Good performances certainly, but nothing that will surprise longtime listeners. So while recommended for fans, this might be an even better choice for listeners who are just discovering this amazing artist and don’t already own a lot of this material.”