Mr. Mister Songs Ranked

Mr. Mister was an American rock band from Phoenix, Arizona, active from 1982 until 1990. The band consisted of Richard Page on lead vocals and bass guitar, Steve George on keyboards/backing vocals, Pat Mastelotto on acoustic and electronic drums/percussion, and Steve Farris on guitars/backing vocals. Mr. Mister was the successor to the band Pages, fronted by Page and George from 1978 to 1981. Here are all of Mr. Mister songs ranked.

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11. Power Over Me (Go On…, 1987)

“Mr. Mister changed direction too much from their previous album.  Even though it was mostly filler, it did have a few songs with great hooks.  This album has deeper lyrics and is more melancholy, but there are no killer melodies.”

10. Run to Her (Welcome to the Real World, 1985)

“Run to Her” is a nice-sounding but lyrically sketchy ballad. There’s better stuff on the parent album.”

9. Healing Waters (Go On…, 1987)

“Excellent gospel song, was done even better live (see Youtube for the live in Chile ’88 clips) with one of the loudest gospel choirs on a rock record.”

8. Don’t Slow Down (Welcome to the Real World, 1985)

“Yes, it sounds dated but the song writing is, imho, a cut above the rest. There is an approach to the lyrics on an almost philosophical level that I can really appreciate now. “Don’t Slow Down” is a great rocker”

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7. Welcome to the Real World (Welcome to the Real World, 1985)

“If I were to make a list of albums I listened to the most during my teen years of the 1980s then “Welcome to the Real World” would have no trouble making the list.”

6. Something Real (Youngblood, 1985)

“The band attempts to branch out a bit here, both musically and lyrically. Unfortunately, they don’t exactly succeed on either front. The music is more electronic, with walloping Art-of-Noise-like drums. Nothing wrong with that per se, but doing so does undercut the “something real” in the title and lyrical bent”

5. Stand and Deliver (Go On…, 1987)

“Very 80’s, only 2 songs, the rest of the music sounds like they belong in 1980’s tv shows or movies, they even left out from this CD the song “Stand and Deliver” from the movie “Stand and deliver” which is one of their better songs, just a little disappointed.”

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4. Hunters of the Night (I Wear the Face, 1984)

“Catchy enough melodic rock album picked up in a charity shop, drums a little irritating, which is a little ironic as well respected drummer went on to play with King Crimson. It overcomes the eighties production which must say something about the band.”

3. Is It Love (Welcome to the Real World, 1985)

“After the synthesiser excess=success of their two previous hits, Mr Mister reined themselves in somewhat on this less expansive, more homogenous mid-80’s pop song.”

2. Broken Wings (Welcome to the Real World, 1985)

“The best part of this song lyrically is the bit they stole from The Beatles’ Blackbird, one of the best songs McCartney ever wrote. Musically, the moody Eno-esque synths in the verses are very appealing. That bassline is also praiseworthy. All in all, this is excellent 80s pop.”

1. Kyrie (Welcome to the Real World, 1985)

“It’s a pronouncement of humility and modesty before God. It is not a cool sounding phrase that one can just throw in front of cliché, pseudo-inspirational platitudes and expect it to enhance one’s meaning.”