Municipal Waste Songs Ranked

Municipal Waste is an American crossover thrash band from Richmond, Virginia, formed in 2001. To date, the band has released six studio albums, three EPs, and four splits. They have gone through several line-up changes, leaving vocalist Tony Foresta and guitarist Ryan Waste as the only constant members. In addition to Foresta and Waste, their current lineup includes Nick “Nikropolis” Poulos on guitar, Philip “Landphil” Hall on bass, and Dave Witte on drums. Municipal Waste was formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2000. Municipal Waste played their first show at a Richmond New Year’s Eve Keg party in 2000/2001. The band was blamed for inciting a small riot. The band took musical influences from crossover thrash bands such as D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, Animosity-era Corrosion of Conformity, Nuclear Assault, and Attitude Adjustment. Municipal Waste toured throughout 2001 and 2002 in the US and Mexico. The band released two split albums—one 7″ with Bad Acid Trip, the other being a 12″ with Crucial Unit. They also had tracks on a number of compilations. In 2002 Brendan Trache left, being replaced by Brandon Ferrell, shortly before the Tango and Thrash on Amendment Records and Waste ‘Em All was released on Six Weeks Records. Following the release of Waste ‘Em All, both Andy Harris and Brandon Ferrell left the band, being replaced by bassist Philip “LandPhil” Hall and drummer Dave Witte respectively Here are all of Municipal Waste songs ranked.

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10. Massive Aggressive (Massive Aggresive, 2009)

“Damn good release, possibly MW’s strongest yet. Straight-up thrash/crossover shit that’s amazingly catchy. I’ll be honest, I love this kind of song, and Municipal Waste never fails to satisfy.”

9. Sadistic Magician (The Art of Partying, 2007)

“I used to throw this album on when nobody was home and mosh, jump on my couch and headbang to this like fucking mad. The chorus riff makes me headbang until my neck snaps.”

8. Abusement Park (Crucial Unit / Municipal Waste, 2002)

“One may be out of the game but the other one is still goin’ strong. What this split here represents are two young, punk and thrash loving party animals soaking themselves in beer and fastcore.”

Massive Aggressive - Album by Municipal Waste | Spotify

7. You’re Cut Off (The Fatal Feast, 2012)

“I need to watch them frame by frame to appreciate the quality of each frame, and the way you create these situations for each song is just sublime. Great storytelling, rhythm, tension, humor, amazing job guys.”

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6. Headbanger Face Rip (The Art of Partying, 2007)

“If you listen to how the guitar solos are structured, you’ll find that metal is just like classical with a steroid injection. Adrenaline-pumping catchy “good friendly violent fun” this is. And a future classic..”

5. Mental Shock (The Art of Partying, 2007)

“It is really hard to make an innovative release in a genre as stagnated as thrash, though these guys didnt quite make it i must say that their record is really fun to listen to. They have pretty much everything except a new sound, great riffs and good energy in the songs.”

Municipal Waste - "The Art of Partying" | Decibel Magazine

4. The Fatal Feast (The Fatal Feast, 2012)

“Just another wonderful disc from Municipal Waste. Each album is getting better and better. Infectious grooves, Tony’s awesome vocal delivery and a nod to simpler times in both thrash and punk. What are you waiting for? And, if you have the chance see these guys live…they put on a terrific show!”

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3. Unleash the Bastards (Hazardous Mutation, 2005)

“This release is a quality release with some great quick tunes to put a smile on most metalheads. It’s not extremely fast but the speed they play is to pay homage to the crossover thrash bands of the 1980’s.”

2. Born to Party (Crucial Unit / Municipal Waste, 2002)

“I noticed that it sounded like Hit The Lights, but it’s pretty generic in thrash to have an intro in that sort of style. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, I think it’s more like a convention of the genre.”

MUNICIPAL WASTE | Hazardous mutation - Nuclear Blast

1. The Art of Partying (The Art of Partying, 2007)

“Municipal Waste is a great example of a thrash metal band that is high energy and fun. At times it has a punk sound to it, and it has the classic thrash riff heard a lot in old school Slayer songs. If you love old school style thrash metal, you can’t miss this band and especially this album.”