My Kinda Party Songs Ranked

My Kinda Party is the fourth studio album released by American country music artist Jason Aldean. It was released on November 2, 2010 by Broken Bow Records. The songs were written by various songwriters including Neil Thrasher, Brantley Gilbert and Michael Dulaney. Aldean said that he chose the name of the album because he thought it was representative of “what my fans have come to expect.” He also said that it has a unique sound because he recorded it with his touring band and an engineer who does not work with any other artists. On November 30, 2011, the album received a nomination for the 54th Grammy Awards for Best Country Album. Here are all of My Kinda Party songs ranked.

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10. Days Like These

“Jason Aldean has been one of the Biggest stars of Country music this year and this song is one of the main reasons. The Song starts with a very rock-esque guitar riff that lets the listener know exactly what type of song you are listening to upbeat and empowering for the younger and older audience.”

9. See You When I See You

“Jason doin’ his thing as usual and his band rocked out the song. Can’t wait for the album to release. As for the negative review…come on now you know the Country world there are hand full of songs that are re-released with different artist.”

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8. Texas Was You

“I especially like “Texas Was You”, a soaring, anthemic country rocker that comes complete with the “Baba O’Riley” riff and lyrics comparing states to different stages of Aldean’s life.”

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7. Country Boy’s World

“Great song would definitely purchase more from this artist in the future already have one of his hats and love it. A new anthem for a new Country Star! The album is great, but this is my favorite. His voice is magic, sexy and real.”

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6. I Ain’t Ready to Quit

“Awesome song for camping with friends or partying on the lake.We listen to a variety of music in our house and this is one song that will make you get up and dance. Jason Aldean is good at putting you in the moment with his music.”

5. Fly Over States

“Love this song have it on my phone to listen in the car when I don’t have radio driving to and from the city! This song gives me a pride for my state. I live in Indiana and when traveling people always respond how boring Indiana must be. “It’s nothing but fields and pastures.” Well having traveled all over the continental U.S.

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4. Church Pew or Barstool

“Like many country albums that make this list, My Kinda Party blends country with influences from other genres. In this case, Aldean brings in elements of southern rock and heartland rock, which gives this a muscular, amped up sound that I think helps.”

3. Tattoos on This Town

“The opener, “Tattoos on This Town”, represents what the rest of the album sounds like pretty well. There’s crunch and distortion on the guitars, but they also bray in a way that sounds halfway between Skynyrd and a petal steel.”

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2. Dirt Road Anthem

“After country music went a dry spell in the early to mid 90’s, I absolutely Love how country has come back in a Strong way. This song is the epitamy of what one do if you were in the country. But to really appreciate this song, it’d help if you’re actually FROM the country and or grew up as the song describes.”

1. Don’t You Wanna Stay

“Listen to the words…every woman wishes for something like this to happen in her life…then you have Kelly Clarkson at her best since she began singing! This duo touches the romantic side…you can feel the romance through the words and the way they sing it with feelings! The Orchestra helps create the feeling and you can’t help but sing a long!”