Nat King Cole Songs Ranked

Nathaniel Adams Coles (March 17, 1919 – February 15, 1965), known professionally as Nat King Cole, was an American singer, jazz pianist, and actor. He recorded over 100 songs that became hits on the pop charts. His trio was the model for small jazz ensembles that followed. Cole also acted in films and on television and performed on Broadway. He was the first African-American man to host an American television series. He was the father of singer-songwriter Natalie Cole (1950–2015). Here are all of Nat King Cole’s songs ranked.

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10. Ramblin’ Rose (Ramblin’ Rose, 1962)

“These country-pop songs are sung like Nat is on a family-friendly early ’60’s variety show…sung with smile on his face. They are backed with the octave vocals of a small chorus that is as polite as can be. My grandma would have liked this stuff, and that usually means I would like it as well. So I guess they do lack the grit or soul that some of the originals were intended to have. Trouble is, I really like the result, but then I have always been an easy listening fan.”

9. As Time Goes By (As Time Goes By, 1931)

“Truly powerful and amazing. It simply flows out and fits together perfectly. There is so much energy at certain parts and the vocals sound wonderful with a haunted kinda sound. “

8. Sweet Bird of Youth (Songs from St. Louis Blues / Looking Back, 2007)

“Once again we’re reminded about why we’re playing or listening to music in the first place…..Souls communicating with one another. I feel blessed just to have heard this.”

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7. Never Let Me Go (The Scarlet Hour, 1956)

“Inspiring, riveting, I love everything about this song and its irresistible beat. It gets stuck in my head so often, and I love it more every time.”

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6. Smile (Smile, 1954)

“Simply the best song ever. This is the best recording, has the best live performances, simply the most beautiful lyrics in popular music… written by a genius who may never be understood as he deserved… my favourite artist, voice, lyricist…”

5. L-O-V-E (L-O-V-E, 1964)

“Nat’s last recordings. He died about 8 weeks after laying down these tracks. It’s business as usual for Nat on this one. The usual business of being great! L-O-V-E, the great Kaempfert standard, already a major it for him, was made an even larger hit by Nat.”

Nat King Cole - After Midnight Sessions - Music

4. Stardust (Stardust, 1927)

“Take one of the best songs ever written and give it to one of the best voices ever to carry a tune, and you get this little slice of audible heaven. Simply divine.”

3. Mona Lisa (Mona Lisa, 1950)

“The man just had the most amazingly pure voice. There is a warmth and richness to it that creates magic when paired with the right song. This is one such example. Great song. Great subject. Very good backing music and the King. They don’t get much better than this. “The good they die young”; their music lives forever.”

2. Unforgettable (Unforgettable, 1951)

“This album is great. Unforgettable is a song you can listen to a thousand times and it doesn’t get boring. You guess that’s what you call a real classic. This a brilliant vocal performance. Cole has a unique and unmistakeable style.”

NAT KING COLE : LP Unforgettable

1. When I Fall in Love (Love, 1956)

“While this is unquestionably one of the most beautiful of love songs with its tender lyric and Cole’s perfect vocal, I’m surprised to find myself chaffing a little at the arrangement here by the usually celebrated Gordon Jenkins. Usually less is more in my book and here I just feel that the strings in particular are overdone as they swirl above and around Nat’s lovely tone, although the harp is a nice touch.”