Natti Natasha Songs Ranked

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista (born December 10, 1986), better known by her stage name Natti Natasha, is a Dominican singer and songwriter. She was signed to Don Omar’s label Orfanato Music Group. Her debut EP, All About Me, was released on March 28, 2012, by Orfanato Music Group. Her debut album, Iluminatti, was released on February 15, 2019, by Pina Records and Sony Music Latin. At the age of 18, Natalia began to compose and record her own songs, performing different musical performances that took place in her native Santiago, and together with her friends, she decided to form the musical group “D’Style”, arriving to record some musical themes, the grouping did not achieve the expected results and eventually disintegrated. As a result, Natalia decides to put a brief pause on her short musical career. As of 2020, Natasha has been a vegetarian for more than five years. Here are all of Natti Natasha’s songs ranked.

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8. No Me Acuerdo (Valiente, 2018)

“This song is simply irresistible. The lyrics are playful, sensual, and so catchy. Thalia continues to reinvent herself and keeps up with the times. Her collaboration with Nati Natasha is the perfect formula that will certainly grab the attention of the younger crowds. No Me Acuerdo the anthem of girl power for this summer 2018!”

7. Me Gusta (Iluminatti, 2019)

” My favorite is Mi Gusta however all the songs have a fierce, really nice sounds, sensual, and most definitely put in a classy way, although it may not have been intended to come across as such. Natasha is badass!”

6. Quién Sabe (Iluminatti, 2019)

“I’m a true big fan of Natti Natasha!!! I love her whole album!!! Her voice & words wow make the album so beautiful!! Natti’s most viewed solo song!”

Quien Sabe - song by Natti Natasha | Spotify

5. Amantes de una Noche (Amantes de una Noche, 2018)

“They have good singing chemistry! Many of the fans would love to see one of their songs again, I hope it will appear on Natti’s album”

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4. Perdido en Tus Ojos (The Last Don 2, 2015)

“When two people are talented and have good lyrics, they make an eternal song, years will go by and many will continue to listen to this song.”

3. La Mejor Versión De Mí (La Mejor Versión De Mí, 2019)

“It reaches the deepest part of my heart because even if you have everything, because you have nothing, they do not value you as a woman and they make you feel the worst as if one were not worth”

Toca Toca MP3 Song Download- Iluminatti Toca Toca Song by Natti Natasha on

2. Criminal (Criminal, 2017)

“Natti Natasha’s music has me hooked. The lyrics in her music are on fire as she sings them with incredible energy and her heart is felt with each word.”

1. Sin Pijama (Mala Santa, 2019)

“Natti Natasha has some great songs and this album surprised me with a couple songs that really focus on her vocals. Definitely recommend. I liked the rythm, beat, and lyrics. I use the when I’m driving enjoying good music and when working out.”