New Juke Box Hits Songs Ranked

New Juke Box Hits is the fifth studio album by rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry, released in March 1961 by Chess Records. Unlike his previous four LPs, only two songs, “Little Star” backed with “I’m Talking About You”, had been previously released on a 45 rpm single. The album was recorded and released while Berry was in the midst of legal difficulties, which led to his imprisonment in 1962. The adverse publicity from these legal problems affected sales of his records, and the previous single failed to reach the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Berry did not release another album of songs for over three years. Here are all of New Juke Box Hits songs ranked.

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12. The Way It Was Before

“Average Chuck Berry was still better than most of what was being released during the early 1960s. There are none of his definitive hits here but what was included was a solid example of Berry type of rock ‘n’ roll. “

11. Rip It Up

“All Chuck Berry songs sound the same, he recycles riffs from song to song – he can’t get out of the studio fast enough, barely taking time to tune his guitar – R&R albums are just hit collections cash-ins with some added filler – right?”

10. Don’t You Lie to Me

“The song’s tempo allows for his storytelling to take on a compelling cadence, while the drawn out syllables of the chorus provide an opportunity for his expressive vocals to take center stage.”

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9. Stop and Listen

“Nothing sounded like this tune at that time, Good lord did the guitar drive this track along. Great vocals and great guitar, what more did a teenager need in their music? How many British guitarist from the sixties were inspired by this wild man?”

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8. Away From You

“Christ sakes is this ahead of its time of what? Sounds like it should have been recorded in like the mid 60’s at the EARLIEST. Crunchy opening guitar riff, and the solo especially is jaw dropping.”

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7. Run Around

“I think maybe Chuck Berry, more than most, set the standard for guitar oriented rock and roll. Somewhere in the USA, some bar band is slamming away playing this tune as we speak. Not many tunes survive seven decades.”

6. Thirteen Question Method

“Man, I don’t know. It’s a cute song but I find a lot of this old skool 50s rock stuff underwhelming. Probably just a side effect of being spoiled by all of this post-neoclassical funeral grindcore, but I’m not sure.”

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5. Sweet Sixteen

“There were many guitarists that helped create American Rock & Roll and Mr. Berry was certainly one of the most influential.”

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4. Diploma for Two

“I find myself disagreeing completely with anyone who doesn’t love Chuck Berry; he was the most important hard-edged rocker of the 1950s. His music is built around the raw power of electrified amplified guitar riffs, which makes him the forefather of everyone from The Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.”

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3. Route 66

“The famous standard, “ROUTE 66″, also changed into cool and cool rock and roll if it hangs on his hand (guitar). Little Richard, Bill Haley made it a hit and Elvis also Covers 12.”

2. I’m Talking About You

“The best known song was “I’m Talking About You,” which was covered by a host of bands including The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, The Yardbirds, the early Beatles, and The Animals.”

1. Little Star

“Every song is arranged and produced individually, nothing rushed or formulaic. Vocals and vocal production are excellent – possibly Berry’s best. Xcl piano and very varied songs”