New Years Day Songs Ranked

New Years Day is an American rock band formed in Anaheim, California, in 2005. After building a reputation strictly through promotion on the social networking website MySpace, the band released its debut self-titled EP in 2006 and its first full-length album, My Dear, in 2007. Six years after their initial debut, Victim to Villain was finally released, followed by Malevolence in 2015. Malevolence peaked at No. 45 on the Billboard 200, the band’s highest-charting thus far. New Years Day formed in 2005 after bassist Adam Lohrbach left the band Home Grown. Lohrbach carried over the many emotional elements present in Home Grown’s final 2004 EP When It All Comes Down and cultivated it into new material for New Years Day. Meeting with lead vocalist Ashley “Ash” Costello (born 1985) and guitarist/keyboardist Keith Drover, the three friends wrote and rehearsed songs about their difficult and emotional relationship break-ups. Soon after, the group produced a two-song demo and invited a mutual friend of the group, Eric Seilo, to play bass during their 2005 tours. Ultimately, Seilo left New Years Day at the end of 2005 to pursue higher education. After acquiring former Wakefield guitarist Mike Schoolden and drummer Russell Dixon, the group decided to call themselves New Years Day. Here are all of the New Years Day songs ranked.

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10. Resurrection (The Mechanical Heart EP, 2011)

“This EP is the best! i love how each song transitions into each other, and it’s the perfect lyrical wording and musical sound for NYD. I myself am a huge creep, and love every member with all my heart.

9. Do Your Worst (Victim to Villain, 2013)

“Solid record that is very fun to listen to. Listened to this band on a recommendation from a friend and am not at all disappointed. Heavy, slightly dark, but very upbeat at the same time.”

8. Last Great Love Story (Victim to Villain, 2013)

“For those unaccustomed with NYD’s work, this is a rock album. But a rock album with absolutely tremendous female vocals, lyrics that swing between subtly dark and …. blatantly dark, but dark in a good way (coffins and blood rather than heartbreak or suicide) and yet despite that its has a real party bounce.”

Victim to Villain - Wikipedia

7. Any Last Words? (Victim to Villain, 2013)

“Great sound, this band. Ashley Costello’s vocals are fantastic – sweet, but a kick in the face, too. Some of the later songs have an almost No Doubt/Dixieland compositional quality, while still bringing the heat.”

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6. Let’s Get Dead (The Mechanical Heart EP, 2011)

“This EP shows who they are, and reflects a bit on their struggles and loves with a creepy, dark, amazing undertone of murder. if you’re a living dead girl or boy, you’ll love this EP.”

5. I Was Right (My Dear, 2007)

“So I fell in love with all of their songs. Each one sounded as amazing as the next. They are now one of my favorite bands. This CD is definitely worth buying. I love it!”

New Years Day - My Dear | Releases | Discogs

4. The Joker (Epidemic, 2014)

“It’s better to actually listen to this song through a car sound system or a home theater sound system! Ear buds/ head phones don’t always capture the HQ of a song like hearing it trough real Speakers”

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3. Defame Me (Malevolence, 2015)

“It is good but not good as this album. I think New Years Day has finally found a good sound for themselves. Every song on here is very good. The song “Defame Me” will go on my list of all time favorite songs. I am very happy to discover New Years Day.”

2. Angel Eyes (Victim to Villain, 2013)

“The further and further you go through their discography, the heavier it gets. This album was heavier than their last EP and Malevolence was heavier than this. It’s still a great listen for any rock fan, though.”

New Years Day – Malevolence (2015, CD) - Discogs

1. I’m No Good (Victim to Villain, 2013)

“Great quality! New Years Day is a band that I’ve been listening to for months now, and I can’t get enough. I listen to this album every single day and I never get sick of it! I highly recommend this product.”