Nicky Jam Songs Ranked

Nick Rivera Caminero (born March 17, 1981), known professionally as Nicky Jam, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor. He is best known for hits such as “X”, “Travesuras”, “En la Cama”, “Te Busco”, “El Perdón”, “Hasta el Amanecer”, and “El Amante”; the latter three are from his 2017 album Fénix. He has frequently collaborated with other Latin artists such as Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Ozuna, and Anuel AA. While his early music exemplified traditional fast-paced reggaeton, his newer compositions place more emphasis on sung vocals and romantic lyrics. His success was furthered by the 2015 single “El Perdón” and his 2017 album Fénix. He released the album Íntimo in 2019, which was a critical and commercial success. Nicky Jam has also acted in the films XXX: Return of Xander Cage (2017) and Bad Boys for Life (2020), and starred in and executive produced the Netflix biographical series Nicky Jam: El Ganador (2018). Here are all of Nicky Jam’s songs ranked.

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10. Si Tu No Estas (Nicky Jam Hits 2014)

“By far best natural lyricist and flow artist in the game. He will SHRED any other artist if you dare to battle him. And one of the best Live performers to date. Don’t take my word. Find out for yourself”

9. Trouble (Fénix, 2017)

“This song is just awesome. The tune is so epic and I love it. I love to hear it whenever I need to lighten up my mood.. Great for a party its not a hardcore banger”

8. El Amante (Fénix, 2017)

“From the beginning on, you are just glued to your chair, feeling its gonna be awesome. When you hear the beat is about to drop you automatically start tapping your feet to the rhythm. And the drop… ahhh undefinable! Awesome song!”

Salon De La Fama : Nicky Jam: Música

7. Voy a Beber (Nicky Jam Hits, 2014)

“The song is amazing and the lyric is wonderful. And you should not judge a song by its ranking. This song NEEDS more recognition..”

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6. Stop (El Ganador, 2018)

“A classic softer anthem for those traditional dance fans, this is a feeling song! This song is simply beautiful. It will take you away in a different world.”

5. Hasta el Amanecer (Fénix, 2017)

“This is one of those tracks that will go down in the history books of progressive music. One of his best songs. The end is certainly purely adrenaline.”

Intimo - Album by Nicky Jam | Spotify

4. Wild for the Night (Wild for the Night, 2013)

“It simply makes me high. gives my life meaning. amazing vocals and music. I like this song, it’s really energetic and intense!”

3. Skin (Fénix, 2017)

“This album really grows on you. So many surprises, themes, melodies, emotions—all of which are thoughtful and like the title says, “Intense.” I tend to be really critical of music, and this is very very good on so many levels. “

2. Travesuras (Nicky Jam Hits, 2014)

“For the past three months or so, hardly a day goes by that I don’t listen to this song. I like everything about it, the way it’s framed in a phone call, the clever lyrics, and most of all, Nicky’s unique voice, substantial but not heavy – his very recognizable style is on good display here!”

Album Fénix, Nicky Jam | Qobuz: download and streaming in high quality

1. El Perdón (Nicky Jam Hits, 2014)

“Loving this duet between Enrique Iglesias and Nicky Jam. I love the Spanish version too, but so happy that they made an English version for those of us who don’t speak the Spanish language. I wish more Spanish artist would make more English versions of their Spanish songs, so that those of us who love Spanish artist, can hear our favorite Spanish songs in English too!”