No. 4 Songs Ranked

No. 4 (officially stylized as № 4) is the fourth studio album by American rock band Stone Temple Pilots, released on October 26, 1999, by Atlantic Records. The album was a return to the band’s earlier hard rock roots, while also blending elements of heavy metal, psychedelic rock, and alternative rock. Despite the lack of promotion due to singer Scott Weiland’s one-year jail sentence shortly before the album’s release, No. 4 was certified Platinum by the RIAA on August 7, 2000, and by the CRIA in August 2001. The song “Down” was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance at the Grammy Awards. The album also produced one of STP’s biggest hits, “Sour Girl”, which charted at #78 on the Billboard Hot 100, their only song to appear on that chart. The CD was originally released as a digipak, then later changed to a standard jewel case. Here are all of the No. 4 songs ranked.

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11. No Way Out

“Another attempt to sound like the “Core” days however it sounds a lot better because Scott uses vocal intensity instead of growling; you can feel pain in this song when you hear Scott sing, at least I can.”

10. MC5

“`MC5′ picks up the pace again, with a great drum intro and racy guitar-play. Weiland’s vocals have a very commanding feel on this one.”

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9. Glide

“This song is unique in the sense that it isn’t trying to please old fans, it sounds like the next step from “Tiny Music”. Scott even uses beautiful falsetto in this song.”

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8. Sex & Violence

“Sex and Violence’ fires out of the blocks from it’s onset. This ones a little punkish sounding in the chorus but is full of energy and power. Lyrically not so subtle (reminiscent to `Sex Type Thing’ from `Core’) but Weiland delivers the words in a strong tone.”

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7. Heaven & Hot Rods

“Scott tries to go back to his old vocal style here but it feels stale and lifeless, like he’s trying to prove to the fans of “Core” he’s still the same guy. This ones faster and more upbeat with resounding Weiland vocals. The band capture some great mood changes here between the verse and chorus.”

6. I Got You

“My personal favorite on the album, this song is a folk ballad about Scott’s battle with heroin and you can feel the emotion in it. It doesn’t need distorted guitars to be heavy when you hear the lyrics and the tone he sings them in.”

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5. Atlanta

“This is a very appropriate way to end the album. A melancholy ballad that ranks among the best ballads STP have done. When I first heard it, it reminded me of something Jim Morrison might have done.”

4. Down

“Heavy riffs start off the album but Scott Weiland isn’t growling or singing with a raspy voice; STP’s new sound combined with the old is truly mixed here and the result is a great hard rock song.”

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3. Pruno

“Pruno’ is a more interesting track, with a laid back verse. Weiland’s vocals sound actually reminiscent of Bono here, before the song switches gear into a really high energy chorus.”

2. Church On Tuesday

“`Church On Tuesday’ is mid-tempo rocker with plenty of driven bass and great rhythm work on the guitar. The punchy chorus works really well.”

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1. Sour Girl

“Another well known STP staple, this is one of the finest tracks on this album. The song has a refreshing `60’s feel to it with chilled out guitar work and a catchy running bass line. The groove is captivating here and Weiland’s vocals are excellent. The chorus is especially retro.”