Odesza Songs Ranked

Odesza is an American electronic music duo originating from Bellingham, Washington. It consists of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, known individually as Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches. They formed in 2012, shortly before Mills and Knight graduated from Western Washington University. Additionally, Odesza is composed of a complete brass section, drumline, and singers including Naomi Wild and WYNNE. Their debut album, Summer’s Gone, was released later in 2012 to acclaim in the underground electronic music community. After their debut extended play (EP), My Friends Never Die, in 2013, they released their sophomore album, In Return, on September 9, 2014. It was the duo’s debut release on Ninja Tune and its imprint, Counter Records. In 2016, “Say My Name” (RAC mix) gained the duo their first Grammy nomination (Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical) at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. A Moment Apart, their third studio album, was released on September 8, 2017. It reached #3 on the Billboard 200 while topping the Top Electronic/Dance Albums Chart. It was nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album, with “Line of Sight” also nominated for Best Dance Recording, at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in 2018. Here are all of Odesza’s songs ranked.

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15. Sundara (In Return, 2014)

“This is a melody about life. Its incredibly beautiful and short. Teaches a message in less than a few minutes. ODESZA have such a unique way with sounds, it’s like it transport you into another universe, i hope they continue making awesome songs.”

14. Bloom (In Return, 2014)

“It’s difficult to describe Odesza’s sound because it is so unlike any other. There’s a diaphanous quality to their music, a spell-binding idiosyncrasy that transports you into another world the moment the eclectic drum patterns come in. One moment you have flawlessly syncopated claps and short vocal samples, and the next, jaw-dropping vocal arrangements of varying pitch, topped off with a highly-addictive all-round organic texture that feels just so good.”

13. Corners of the Earth (A Moment Apart, 2017)

“This song is the only song that makes me feel free and imagine what I wish life could be. This song is happiness, something I’ve never felt before.”

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12. Higher Ground (A Moment Apart, 2017)

“Odesza regularly makes jams that elevate my whole being. Heard this new jam on the radio and didn’t know it was them. Just has that feeling, that makes you feel like angels descended in the form of sound and healed my mind, body, and spirit.”

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11. My Friends Never Die (My Friends Never Die Remixes, 2013)

“This sounds like so many different songs that I’ve heard before in my life. Its like a beautiful mix. Its beautiful. Look at what is happening to music. And this song was created in 2014……. I wanna be alive in 20 years to hear what life sounds like. This is amazing.”

10. Keep Her Close (My Friends Never Die Remixes, 2013)

“Odesza uses words and lyrics as instruments to complement the song versus using them as a building block that they build a song around. I hear “Does not know…what he he done in the beginning of the song….Does anyone else hear something different?”

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9. Sun Models (In Return, 2014)

“Weird how one song can attach itself to different emotions. I listen to this song at the beginning of last summer and found it to be really happy, fun, and chill at the same time. Then I went through a big breakup soon after. I listened to this song (and other ODESZA songs) almost exclusively throughout the summer and I found this song to be the optimism I needed to get through it. Then I began to work out and focus on myself and my health soon after and started every workout with this song. It gave me a great focused energetic pump up to begin my workouts to. This song has been so many different things for me though obviously it’s never changed.”

8. For Us (In Return, 2014)

“This music is something like hyper-mega beautiful trip on LSD, all that feelings, all that sounds – beautiful composition. I never hear anything better in this type of music.”

7. Always This Late (In Return, 2014)

“This song, along with a great deal of other inspirational songs from Odesza, has been an incredible source of enlightenment. To anyone listening to this right now, you fucking rock.”

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6. White Lies (In Return, 2014)

“Usually, after I’ve listened to a certain album or artist for a while, I begin to grow tired of their music, and I will completely stop listening to them. ODESZA is the single artist that I will never get bored of. Their music is simply magical, my life would not be the same without them.”

5. It’s Only (In Return, 2014)

“This song is about the struggle of humanity. it shows how history repeats itself, all the things that motivate and shape us, love, death, discovery, war, as the human race we’ve been through already. that’s why the song tries to belittle these things by saying ‘its only love’ or ‘ you’re only crying you’re only dying you’re only dead.’ its funny because these things are literally the driving force of humanity yet the song belittles in a mocking way. its beautiful to know that our struggle only means as much as the meaning to it.”

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4. Divide (A Moment Apart, 2017)

“Lying on the ground with friends somewhere far away in the mountains, looking up to the stars, thinking about life and just realize, how small we are in this whole thing called Universum, in which every creature has its place and in which everything’s connected with each other. Just amazing how Odesza can give you this special vibes.”

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3. IPlayYouListen (Summer’s Gone, 2012)

“You see, now this is the closest thing to what real music is and suppose to be. Music should evoke imagination, emotion, feeling, thought… instead, we get these bullshit lyrics in mainstream music that don’t mean anything that then creates a distraction from the actual beauties in life. In a way, it’s like baby food to a society that can’t think or feel for themselves. I love this kind of melodies and sounds, cause every thought is gonna be different for every person that listens to this kind of stuff. This kind of stuff creates what I feel and call, “atmospheric”. It keeps my mind open to anything that comes its way. Whether it’s thoughts of the past, dialogues, scenarios, depression, clarity, insight, sentimentality.. The mind lives on when its doors are open.”

2. Echoes (In Return, 2014)

“Truly an amazing song and album. I don’t know how they do it, but Odesza literally just sounds like electronic music perfection, every sound, voice, instrument, just completely feels in the right place. Its so aesthetically pleasing to the ear.”

1. Say My Name (In Return, 2014)

“This has been in my playlist since i have listened to it the first time. and it’s gonna stay there until the end of time. there is this quality of happiness and happiness in the same amount… which makes you feel nostalgic and hopeful at the same time. a duality mixed perfect into a song.”