Old Crow Medicine Show Albums Ranked

Old Crow Medicine Show is an Americana string band based in Nashville, Tennessee, that has been recording since 1998. They were inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on September 17, 2013. Their ninth album, Remedy, released in 2014, won the Grammy Award for Best Folk Album. The group’s music has been called old-time, folk, and alternative country. Along with original songs, the band performs many pre-World War II blues and folk songs. They have made frequent guest appearances on A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. The group received the 2013 Trailblazer Award from the Americana Music Association, performing at the Americana Honors & Awards Show. The band was managed by Norm Parenteau of Slipshod Management from 2002 to 2018. Publishing administrator Downtown Music Publishing represents the works of Old Crow Medicine Show. Here are all of Old Crow Medicine Show albums ranked.

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10. Greetings From Wawa (2000)

The Old Crow Medicine Show – Greetings From Wawa (CD) - Discogs

“Pure Old Crow. This is a must-have for the true fan. Hearing them do Hesitation Blues, Goodbye Booze and Lonesome Road Blues is worth the price of the CD. Also, you get to hear proto-versions of Cocaine Habit and Tear it Down.”

9. Live (2003)

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“This is a marvellous album. Having seen the band perform live I can honestly say that this album captures all the energy, personality and atmosphere of the live performance. A must for all fans.”

8. Eutaw (2001)

The Old Crow Medicine Show – Eutaw (2001, CD) - Discogs

“Pure Old Crow. This is a must-have for the true fan. Hearing them do Hesitation Blues, Goodbye Booze and Lonesome Road Blues is worth the price of the CD. Also, you get to hear proto-versions of Cocaine Habit and Tear it Down.”

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7. Volunteer (2018)

Volunteer - Album by Old Crow Medicine Show | Spotify

“Titled “Volunteer” this is a lively fast paced record. Very different sound compared to their earliest albums. I know for some fans they prefer the original sound that Old Crow had when they were first starting out. It’s what attracted many, including myself, to Old Crow Medicine Show. But to me a truly great artist is always looking to grow and stretch the artistic boundaries with different ideas and not become one dimensional with their talent.”

6. Remedy (2014)

Remedy - Album by Old Crow Medicine Show | Spotify

“It’s Old Crow so you should buy it then decide if you like it. The lead song, a thought written by the hand of Bob Dylan and passed to Ketch to finish up is kind of a different direction for OCMS and more of a modern country song. It feels like a radio hit. The rest of the album feels more like OCMS should. This is a wonderful album as all of their work is.”

5. 50 Years Of Blonde On Blonde (2017)

Old Crow Medicine Show - 50 Years of Blonde on Blonde - Amazon.com Music

“It’s hard to believe it has been 50 years since Bob Dylan released the album “Blonde On Blonde”. Time does fly on by. But to help commemorate the anniversary of one of Bob’s greatest works Old Crow Medicine Show has come out with a special tribute recording.”

4. Carry Me Back (2012)

Carry Me Back - Album by Old Crow Medicine Show | Spotify

“After a couple of less-than-perfect albums, the Old Crow Medicine show is back in ‘O.C.M.S and ‘Big Iron World’ form with this gem, as they bring their infectious mix of bluegrass, folk, and country alive again. Like their sometimes-collaborator Gillian Welch, the band writes sweet, original songs that sound like old-time classics that could have been written in the 1920s. Songs that combine very contemporary energy and vibrancy with classic musicianship and virtuosity.”

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3. Tennessee Pusher (2008)

Tennessee Pusher | Old Crow Medicine Show

“Let me say that I was floored by “Tennessee Pusher.” I play bluegrass mandolin in a bluegrass band and love bluegrass and old-time music as much as anyone, but I am glad that these guys blossomed on this CD. It’s not the typical Old Crow ram it down your throat fast, old-time medicine show. It’s more Bob Dylan and Neil Young than the Skillet Lickers. There are traces of R&B in there too, with a country sound throughout.”

2. Big Iron World (2006)

Big Iron World - Album by Old Crow Medicine Show | Spotify

“I loved the first Crow album, in huge part due to the song Wagon Wheel which remains as one of my favorite country songs to date. This album, though, does not have that heavy weight of a song, but does have a better collection of tracks. Down Home Girl is a very catchy song and I feel should get more recognition…we need more songs like these in the charts in my view as there are just too much mainstream going around that it’s getting absurd. Other highlights include my personal favorite New Virginia Creeper, Union Made, and I Hear Them All.”

1. O.C.M.S (2004)

Key & BPM/Tempo of Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show | Note Discover

“The best thing about not only this album but OCMS themselves is they continued to stay true to their ways and roots, without compromise, yet all the while being able to remain creative and artistic. This album is very enjoyable and as with the previous release, I can see myself listening to it for the next few years…”