Operation Ivy Albums Ranked

Operation Ivy was an American punk rock band from Berkeley, California, United States, formed in May 1987. The band was stylistically important as one of the first bands to mix the elements of hardcore punk and ska into a new amalgam called ska punk and was critical to the emergence of Lookout Records and the so-called “East Bay Sound.” The band’s name was derived from the Operation Ivy series of nuclear tests in 1952. Although the band released just one full-length album before breaking up in May 1989, Operation Ivy is well remembered as the direct antecedent of the popular band Rancid and for wielding a lasting stylistic influence over numerous other bands in what became the third wave ska movement. Here are all of Operation Ivy’s albums ranked.

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3. Hectic (1988)

Operation Ivy - Hectic E.P. | Releases | Discogs

“This EP is short with six tracks only missing the 11 minute mark but the stylistic approach here found a fully formed OPERATION IVY sound that would be channeled into even tighter and more addictive slices of ska meets hardcore punk. If anything the HECTIC EP is a bit rawer and focuses more on the hardcore side of the equation although the schitzo ska moments remnant of bands like early Madness and The Specials serves as a nice contrast to the otherwise anarcho effects of the hardcore punk aspects.”

2. Operation Ivy (1991)

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“This album is extremely great! It mixes Ska and Hardcore Punk to make something no one has seen before. If you’re a fan of Rancid, you’ll probably like this album since this was the band a lot of Rancid members were in. It has some great hits like Sound System and Take Warning which are regarded as classics now. I’d highly recommend!”

1. Energy (1989)

Operation Ivy - Energy | Albums | Crownnote

“It’s been over a decade since i’ve listend to this album. Super stoked to have it in my collection, Very nice pressing as well! Surprised that I didn’t already own this on vinyl. This is one of those albums you can listen to hundreds of times, And never gets old. This one is sure to get your feet moving!”