Orleans Songs Ranked

Orleans is an American pop-rock band best known for its hits “Dance with Me” (No. 6 in 1975); “Still the One” (No. 5), from the album Waking and Dreaming (1976); and “Love Takes Time” (No. 11 in 1979). The group’s name evolved from the music it was playing at the time of their formation, which was inspired by Louisiana artists such as Allen Toussaint and the Neville Brothers. Orleans was formed in Woodstock, New York in January 1972 by vocalist/guitarist/songwriter John Hall, vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist/bassist/songwriter Larry Hoppen and drummer/keyboardist/songwriter Wells Kelly. In October of that year, the group expanded to include Larry’s younger brother, Lance, on bass. Drummer Jerry Marotta joined in 1976, completing the quintet. Here are all of Orleans songs ranked.

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12. Cold Spell (Let There Be Music, 1975)

“Makes me nostalgic. All the childhood memories are brought back by this lovely song. Oh! Childhood will you come back again?”

11. Siam Sam (Still The One, 1976)

“Middle of the road pop standard from 1976. It is one, in a long line, of radio friendly pop hits. Nothing to risky or over the top about it. The song served it’s purpose. Then moved on to a long run as a staple of soft rock radio stations coast to coast.”

10. Half Moon (Orleans, 1973)

“Just amazing. Seriously, great melody, lyrics, and a good message. It’s because of songs like this I like Orleans so much. The chorus is one of those that you just wanna sing along to, you know.”

9. Ending of a Song (Let There Be Music, 1975)

“It is such a meaningful song! Every time I watch the video I just feel so good. Orleans has made so many wonderful songs, and this one in particular, really has a lot of meaning to me.”

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8. Time Passes On (Let There Be Music, 1975)

“The song is about having the cherished memory of another person. It was written by their guitarist, John Hall, and his wife Johanna. “It’s been used in many instances as a sort of ceremonial song, and I think it’s one of the better things that we’ve ever done,” John said”

7. You’re Mine (Grown Up Children, 1986)

“Awesome tune with fascinating lyrics.. This song should be the best song of Nickelback… I enjoy its every word and music… It is very touching…”

6. I Am on Your Side (Love Takes Time 10 Authorized Hits By Orleans, 2017)

“Just a great song overall. Whenever I hear this it makes me feel invincible. This also has a great guitar solo that can’t be beat.”

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5. No More Than You Can Handle (Love Takes Time 10 Authorized Hits By Orleans, 2017)

“This is OBVIOUSLY the best! Beautiful songs and it totally lifts your mood! A complete mood-maker and makes you feel special. My favourite song from my favourite band”

4. Reach (Waking and Dreaming, 1976)

“I love this song. It’s so cool and I really like to listen to it any time. Very Moving. If I feel sad it cheers me up and my sadness just seems to go away.”

3. Love Takes Time (Forever, 1979)

“Hooks abound in this overlooked 1979 gem from the post-John Hall era. Killer harmonies, and very state of the chart (’79 speaking), and a melody that embeds like an earworm, you’ll be wanting to hear it again, even if its no ‘Dance With Me’ or ‘Still The One’ – consider this their three-peat.”

2. Still The One (Waking and Dreaming, 1976)

“I remember when ABC used this as a promotional for one of their new seasons in the late 70’s. If you have an affinity for this or any Orleans tune, I highly recommend their “Still The One” album. The unique thing about Orleans is that almost all of their songs are upbeat pieces about hope.”

1. Dance With Me (II, 1973)

“The solo on this great song features a Melodica, a small keyboard that is played by blowing into a tube. Not too many people used such a thing, and it might just be the biggest hit to ever feature one.”