Passenger Songs Ranked

Michael David Rosenberg (born 17 May 1984), better known by his stage name Passenger, is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Previously the main vocalist and songwriter of Passenger, Rosenberg opted to keep the band’s name for his solo work after the band dissolved in 2009. In 2012, he released the song “Let Her Go” which topped the charts in 16 countries. In 2014, the song was nominated for the Brit Award for British Single of the Year, and he received the British Academy’s Ivor Novello Award for Most Performed Work. Rosenberg did his first performance when he was 16.[citation needed] Rosenberg’s father, a film production worker, introduced him to a former member of the band Faithless, Jamie Catto, in 2001; this led to Rosenberg getting a two-song spot at the Free Burma Campaign benefit gig at the Royal Court in London in 2002. On the night, Rosenberg met his future writing partner Andrew Phillips and established contact with the IE Music label. Back in Brighton, Phillips, and Rosenberg pooled their musical influences (from Simon & Garfunkel to DJ Shadow) and started to write songs at Phillips’ in-house studio in Hove. In 2003, they formed the Mike Rosenberg Band, engaging Marcus O’Dair (bass), Alon Cohen (drums), and Richard Brinklow (keyboards) through connections within the Brighton music scene. Here are all of the Passenger’s songs ranked.

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20. Scare Away the Dark (Whispers (Part 1), 2014)

“This guy is probably the greatest artist of this generation. But he is so underrated, people haven’t realized his excellence. This makes me sad. People are stupid sometimes. While, his songs are never.”

19. Caravan (Wide Eyes Blind Love, 2009)

“Full of emotions, good lyrics and inspirational beats; should be high up on list, one of my personal favorites! Such a beautiful song. What I like more about this song than any other is that its such a feel good song”

18. Whispers (Whispers (Part 1), 2014)

“One of his best works. It gives me so much peace that I just can’t explain. No other song had made me feel the way it does. Builds up slowly and the finish is beautiful.”

Passenger 'Whispers' Album Review - Rolling Stone

17. Patient Love (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“I’m always drawn to singer-songwriters who offer great lyrics and beautiful melodies. Don’t get me wrong- I like a nice piece of bubblegum every now and then, but albums like this one are the bulk of my collection, and the ones who get the most play. Mike Rosenberg has a unique voice, both literally and figuratively, and I can’t rate it high enough.”

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16. Riding to New York (Whispers (Part 1), 2014)

“Mike has made some pretty emotional songs over the years but none top this, got me right in the feels from the first verse and is THE highlight of Whispers. The songs tells the story of an old man who is slowly dieing from smoking and is going to ride across the US to see his family one last time in New York. Definitely listen to this, while it isn’t as catchy or relatable as songs like Staring at the Stars, Holes and Whispers it is one of his best.”

15. Heart’s On Fire (Whispers (Part 1), 2014)

“Passenger has done it again! A hauntingly beautiful series of songs to make you laugh and cry all at the same time. Michael Rosenberg’s perceptive lyrics have a way of describing the longing ache at the center of every human being who is searching for that ever-elusive “ultimate truth.”

All the Little Lights - Album by Passenger | Spotify

14. Fairytales & Firesides (Divers & Submarines, 2010)

“This song is so beautiful! It is sad and hopeful in the same moment. “We long for fairytales and firesides” summarized everything I have ever longed for in one sentence.”

13. Feather On the Clyde (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“Passenger’s music cuts right to the soul and surprises tears to my eyes each time I listen to a new composition. Mixing quiet yet innovative folk music with scintillating lyrics, each song makes keen observations on the hidden truths of human nature… and it is impossible not to envision the mythology of your own life experiences entwined with each thoughtful verse.”

12. Keep On Walking (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“If you are not into young adult music, do not bother, but if you come to music with an open mind and heart, listen. I can assure you you must love it. I came upon this group quite accidentaly and now I get sad when I think how easily I could have overlooked their sound and their songs. Listen to some sample songs on and I think you will agree.”

Passenger – Divers & Submarines Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

11. 27 Whispers (Part 1)

“Potent, honest, heartfelt lyrics meet chord progressions and hooks that stop you in your tracks, forcing you to feel and take notice. Incredible work from this brave, bare artist.”

10. Circles (Passenger, 2003)

“The entire record if full of beautiful writing. I love this recording so much I have bought it 4 times in different formats. I have given it away to others and have gotten great feedback. It is therapeutic in its beauty.”

9. What You’re Thinking (Flight of the Crow, 2010)

“This is a great celebration of Australian music and musicians, the guitar work is simple and the arrangements appropriately sparse, then there are Rosenberg’s unique vocals and how his voice works so well with so many different vocalists.”

Passenger – Flight Of The Crow (2010, CD) - Discogs

8. Shape of Love (Flight of the Crow, 2010)

“To me, there is a “dark” factor to this song. While singing about how their love story hasn’t even started yet, he sings about he doesn’t want the sun to come or for summer to start because she fits the hole in his heart. Possibly a hint of a relationship that it’s good but is what you need at that time; rebounds and the like.”

7. Staring at the Stars (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“The acoustic version is beautiful, but the original I think is even sadder with the contrast between the music and the lyrics. Listen to both of them, such a good lyrics!”

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6. All the Little Lights (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“Touching lyrics and beautiful melody, complimented by Passenger’s unique vocal style.Full with meaning, it’s a powerful satire, with a feeling of mockery and irony. Beautiful song with great lyrics, best of the album”

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Album by Passenger | Spotify

5. Life’s for the Living (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“This song has the lyrics any band might dream of creating… One of the absolute best lyrics and smooth classy tune, very good for soft late night music…”

4. Things That Stop You Dreaming (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“This made me fall in love with passenger music. It blew my mind. Helped me with my career choice. It put me in another place Awesome song. Absolutely love the lyrics at a time when I needed to hear it.”

3. The Wrong Direction (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“Passenger songs are my best of all song and it makes me redemption feeling as I am having the same felling that he sang in the let her go song and other are to beautiful.”

PASSENGER - Wicked Mans Rest - Music

2. Holes (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“Many Passenger songs make me feel like I gain more life experience just by listening to them. This is one of them. Talks about heartbreak in life very beautifully. Phenomenal work on the guitar by Mike in this one!”

1. Let Her Go (All the Little Lights, 2012)

“The song is masterpiece from beginning to end. The lyrics speak directly to our silly old human nature, but for some wonderful reason it caught my attention with “you only miss the sun when it starts to snow.” That hit me at my core… And gives me goosies every time I hear it.”