Pentatonix Songs Ranked

Pentatonix (abbreviated PTX) is an American Acappella group from Arlington, Texas, consisting of vocalists Scott Hoying (baritone), Mitch Grassi (tenor), Kirstin Maldonado (mezzo-soprano), Kevin Olusola (vocal percussion), and Matt Sallee (bass). Characterized by their pop-style arrangements with vocal harmonies, basslines, riffing, percussion, and beatboxing, they produce cover versions of modern pop works or Christmas songs, sometimes in the form of medleys, along with original material. Pentatonix formed in 2011 and subsequently won the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off, receiving $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music. When Sony’s Epic Records dropped the group after The Sing-Off, the group formed its YouTube channel, distributing its music through Madison Gate Records, a label owned by Sony Pictures. Their YouTube channel currently has over 19 million subscribers and 5 billion views. The group’s video tribute to Daft Punk had received more than 347 million views as of April 6, 2021. Here are all of Pentatonix songs ranked.

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15. Cheerleader (Pentatonix 2015)

“These young acapella singers are outstanding – watched them on The Sing Off and have been impressed by their rise in the music world. They have brought acapella to new heights.”

14. Somebody that I Used to Know (PTX, Vols. 1 & 2, 2014)

“Pentatonix is a first-class a-capella musical group. Using only their voices and one guy performing percussions with only his mouth and breath, they are able to produce the kind of sound you would only expect from a full band. This is only one of their many songs.”

13. Hallelujah (A Pentatonix Christmas, 2016)

“I love the harmony of these people, and singing Hallelujah with them is totally lifting of one’s spirit, but I do have to say some of the lyrics had my mind perplexed as a Christian. I heard some of them and thought, “What in the world?”

The Best of Pentatonix Christmas - Wikipedia

12. Aha! (PTX, Vols. 1 & 2, 2014)

“This is in my opinion the best song currently out by Pentatonix. I’ve been a fan since seeing them on The Sing Off and hearing them do this song better than Imogene Heap. (who sings with amazing passion) The range of this group is phenomenal and this song shows that range.”

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11. Radioactive (PTX, 2014)

“Pentatonix + Lindsey Stirling = Rad Version of Radioactive! Such a great arrangement performed to perfection. The music video of this song is spot on too. Though the Imagine Dragons’ version is what made this song popular, the Pentatonix cover with Lindsey Stirling is classier and less punkish.”

10. Starships (PTX, Vols. 1 & 2, 2014)

“It isn’t the best Pentatonix song I have heard, but it is still ok. If I had heard the whole version on youtube first, I would not have made the impulse buy based on the little clip of the song on Amazon. Don’t let that stop you though, everyone’s musical tastes vary!”

Pentatonix - PTX, Vol. 1 - Music

9. Happy (Pharrell Cover) (Happy, 2014)

“This group really shows the talent they have together with every project they accomplish. looking forward to the next releases.”

8. Run to You (PTX, Vol. II, 2013)

“Pentatonix does a wonderful job on this song. Beautiful harmony. Really enjoy it and have been playing it every day. Their harmony is like ear candy. Delightful in both lyrics and sound.. I’ll definitely be looping this in my playlist!”

7. Royals (PTX, Vols. 1 & 2, 2014)

“I love this song, no matter who performs it, but the Pentatonix’s cover is superb. Their vocal stylings are nothing short of fabulous!!! They truly meant when they sang they didn’t think they would be this far.”

Pentatonix – PTX Vols. 1 & 2 (2014, CD) - Discogs

6. Natural Disaster (PTX, Vol. II, 2013)

“Scott Hoying just put so much passion into his vocals and Avi “Thunder” Kaplan is just awesome. Pentatonix gives new meaning to Acapella – Natural Disaster is just one song of 4 new original songs by this group that blow my mind…

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5. Say Something (PTX, Vols. 1 & 2, 2014)

“I have heard many versions of this song and believe by far this is the best. The arrangement is beautiful and deeply rich with honest and raw emotion. I love the blend of their voices with each member being uniquely talented and bringing much to the song. One of my all-time favorites.”

4. Can’t Hold Us (PTX, Vol. II, 2013)

“Pentatonix is always excellent, but I’m not sure this particular offering is anything truly exceptional. I listen to “Can’t Hold Us” when I need some motivation for work, and it gets my head bobbing, but it’s not especially memorable. I’m not a big fan of their female vocalist, after listening for a while.”

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3. Evolution of Music (Evolution of Music, 2013)

“I Love acapella. Pentatonix takes it to a whole new level, way beyond what one usually thinks of as acapella. These five are all extremely talented musicians, not afraid to break the mold and go beyond. The arrangements are great, the vocals are spot on, and, frankly, I often find that I like the Pentatonix version of many tunes far better than the originals or the popular versions.”

2. Love Again (PTX, Vol. II, 2013)

“This is probably Pentatonix’s signature song. Super talented singers and special effects performers as well. Go to youtube to see their videos. They are truly amazing with the music they put out using vocal only.”

1. Daft Punk (PTX, Vol. II, 2013)

“Great vocal play. No instruments, the more you listen the more you get hooked. Great mix of daft punk songs. Good beat, sounds real at a lot of points during the song.”