Phantogram Songs Ranked

Phantogram is an American music duo from Greenwich, New York, formed in 2007 and consisting of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter. The band defines their music as electronic rock, dream pop, electronica, and trip-hop, and has described their sound as “street beat, psych-pop”. According to Carter, their music has “lots of rhythms, swirling guitars, spacey keyboards, echoes, airy vocals”. Carter and Barthel were inspired by numerous artists including The Beatles, David Bowie, Cocteau Twins, J Dilla, The Flaming Lips, John Frusciante, Serge Gainsbourg, Madlib, Sonic Youth, Yes, Kevin Shields, and Prince. They write and record in a remote barn in Upstate New York called Harmonie Lodge. The band has released four studio albums (Eyelid Movies in 2010, Voices in 2014, Three in 2016, and Ceremony in 2020), four EPs (Phantogram and Running From the Cops in 2009, Nightlife in 2011, Phantogram in 2013), and 10 singles. Here are all of Phantogram’s songs ranked.

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10. Howling at the Moon (Voices 2014)

“When I first heard this song it sounded weird to me. I was a lot more into fall in love and when I’m small, so compared to those this sounded jarring to me. But I have to say it’s grown on me a lot. I think her vocals really bring it all together.”

9. Nothing But Trouble (Voices 2014)

“Personally, I think this song is about questionable decisions. Knowing what decision you are making and still making it, and then grinning and bearing that knowledge. It can make you a mess, for certain.”

8. 16 Years (Nightlife 2011)

“One of my all time favorite! I can’t explain how this song make’s me feel. But it’s a feeling that I never want to let go. In one word it’s a Masterpiece!!!! This is music.”

Nightlife - Single by Phantogram | Spotify

7. The Day You Died (Voices, 2014)

“The worst feeling is breaking apart from someone only to realize you didn’t have the relationship you thought you did. You want the other person be hurt, yourself to feel pain but sometimes there is a void of emotion…enough it isn’t even worth a goodbye. Amazing song on an amazing album…”

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6. Fall In Love (Voices 2014)

“This song is about a girl who goes to her friend to satisfy her needs. This friend is in love with her but she keep breaking his heart and she feels bad but the reason why she cant love him is on her previous relationship it ended badly.”

5. As Far As I Can See (Eyelid Movies, 2010)

“I like Phantogram because you can’t exactly put a label on their music. They have their own unique sound; not many bands can copy that feel Phantogram gives you. That shows a great band”

Eyelid Movies - Album by Phantogram | Spotify

4. Don’t Move (Nightlife, 2011)

“Love the opposing urgency of telling yourself both to ‘shake shake shake’, like keeping yourself loose, but then ‘keep your body still’, like telling yourself to not lose control. Gotta balance both, it’s not good to be too stiff but it’s also not good to be too loose.”

3. Black Out Days (Voices, 2014)

“This could just be my take on it, but this definitely feels like a bad break up song. The sort the breaks down your whole world and the only thing you can do it build your confidence and life back up after the rug has been pulled out from under you,”

2. Mouthful of Diamonds (Eyelid Movies, 2010)

“Music works for whatever reason you give it; it’s all how you feel it. But, the writer of the song did state in an interview that it was written about a relationship gone wrong. He didn’t want to give any more information than that, stating that it was personal.”

Voices - Album by Phantogram | Spotify

1. When I’m Small (Eyelid Movies, 2010)

“The very night I, er, legally downloaded this track, I was doing the wallflower while on Natty Light #5 when it came on over the Bluetooth speakers. I thought to myself, “Man, this is cool.” I didn’t even realize… By the time the crackles give way to the riff ten seconds in, you know you’re in for a treat. And don’t get me started on those oohs.”