Pretty Lights Songs Ranked

Derek Vincent Smith (born November 25, 1981), known by his stage name Pretty Lights, is an American electronic music producer. Pretty Lights was originally a music project consisting of him and Michal Menert, who left after the release of their first album. Rick Rubin once described Pretty Lights as “the face and voice of the new American electronic music scene”. Smith’s music relies heavily on digital sampling and crosses many genres, forming a combination of “glitchy hip-hop beats, buzzing synth lines, and vintage funk and soul samples”. Pretty Lights’ sound is generated by manipulating samples and organic beats using the Novation X-Station, monome, and the Akai MPD32. Smith uses these digital controllers to program the music production software Ableton Live 8. When performing live, Smith uses two Macbook Pros running Ableton Live 8 and two Akai MPD32s. Smith usually considers his music as “Electro Hip-Hop Soul,” a mix between elements of electronic-based music, and beats from hip-hop and soul music. Here are all of Pretty Lights’ songs ranked.

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10. Vibe Vendetta (A Color Map of the Sun, 2013)

““Imagine this song playing over the loudspeakers with hundreds of people splashing in the water, being rocked by the most epic bass ever.”

9. Always All Ways (Always All Ways, 2013)

“TOTAL banger. When this first leaked out I had to listen to it because I knew knife party will not disappoint. And they didn’t. Probably one of my favorites up to date.”

8. Done Wrong (A Color Map of the Sun, 2013)

““This is perfect electro house and is equally heavy as it is beautiful. This song is just too epic! It’s got a perfect balance of dubstep electro and an awesome beat.””

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7. Total Fascination (Making Up a Changing Mind, 2010)

“This is a game changer. amazing musicality.. puts you into a different place. it seems to have been approached as making an actual song rather than just another dance track which I love”

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6. Hot Like Dimes (Spilling Over Every Side, 2010)

““This is a melody about life. Its incredibly beautiful and short. Teaches a message in less than a few minutes. One moment you have flawlessly syncopated claps and short vocal samples, and the next, jaw-dropping vocal arrangements of varying pitch, topped off with a highly-addictive all-round organic texture that feels just so good.”

5. So Bright (A Color Map of the Sun, 2013)

“This song is the only song that makes me feel free and imagine what I wish life could be. This song is happiness, something I’ve never felt before.”

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4. Color of My Soul (A Color Map of the Sun, 2013)

“This sounds like so many different songs that I’ve heard before in my life. Its like a beautiful mix. Its beautiful. Just has that feeling, that makes you feel like angels descended in the form of sound and healed my mind, body, and spirit.”

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3. Around the Block (A Color Map of the Sun, 2013)

“This has been in my playlist since i have listened to it the first time. and it’s gonna stay there until the end of time. there is this quality of happiness and happiness in the same amount… which makes you feel nostalgic and hopeful at the same time. a duality mixed perfect into a song.”

2. I Know The Truth (I Know The Truth, 2011)

“This is hands down one of the best drops I’ve ever heard it sounds like it’s gonna be generic but its not it has a dark twist in its really cool definitely one my favorite drops”

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1. Finally Moving (I Know the Truth, 2011)

““Such a beautiful track, The vocals fit perfectly with the rhythm of the track, this is the definition of masterpiece. Keep up the good work!””