Queens of the Stone Age Albums Ranked

Queens of the Stone Age (commonly abbreviated QOTSA) is an American rock band formed in 1996 in Palm Desert, California. The band was founded by vocalist and guitarist Josh Homme, who has been the only constant member throughout multiple line-up changes. The current line-up consists of Homme alongside Troy Van Leeuwen (guitar, lap steel, keyboard, percussion, backing vocals), Michael Shuman (bass guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), Dean Fertita (keyboards, guitar, percussion, backing vocals), and Jon Theodore (drums, percussion). Formed after the dissolution of Homme’s previous band Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age developed a style of riff-oriented, heavy rock music. Their sound has since evolved to incorporate a variety of different styles and influences, most notably including collaborations with Screaming Trees lead singer Mark Lanegan and Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. Here are all of Queens of the Stone Age albums ranked.

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8. Over The Years And Through The Woods (2005)

This is an amazing representation of a live band in a live setting, playing their songs live. As redundant as that sounds, it’s relevant. Some of the songs translate poorly, one so much so that I question at it’s inclusion aside from completion. Some of the others are simply transcendent.”

7. Era Vulgaris (2007)

” Everything is precise, except for Josh Homme’s voice. Funny how the precision of the instrumentation is what makes the instrumentation fascinating, yet Homme’s voice is deliberately blurred, stretched, muttered, altered. By making his voice hard to interpret, you listen closer. It even allows you to interpret what he’s saying, since you might not be sure. Listen closely and you will find that Homme’s insights and observations are perceptive and deeply felt. I still listen to it often because it speaks for me and yet it still challenges me. I find new things in it all the time. I guess you could say it engages me deeply on all emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and musical levels. One of the best albums ever made.”

6. Villains (2017)

“One of their best. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the last four tracks, but honestly I cannot even hardly get to them but for my addiction to the first five songs. I knew I liked TWYUTD when it was released as a single, but I just wasn’t on fire for it. I put the album on rotation though and I could not believe it when what initially seemed like the very cheesy Fortress immediately got stuck in my head. It hasn’t left yet. It’s haunting, seriously, it is a beautiful track. “

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5. Queens Of The Stone Age (1998)

“This was the album that started QOTSA up, and really helped to popularize the stoner rock genre. Up until then, for me at least, it was Kyuss, Nebula, and Fu Manchu with a nof to Clutch, one of my favorite bands, who kind of skirted the genre a bit”

4. Lullabies To Paralyze (2005)

“This is a superb piece of work, a real tour de force. This band is the best thing I’ve heard for a very long time. They seem to have their fingers on the pulse of these desperate years and musically the performance is flawless. I’ve been waiting for something like this for some time.”

3. Rated R (2000)

“For me, which is typical, the first album is the best. Rated R and Songs For The Deaf are “better” if that makes sense. What I mean is the first album shows the enthusiasm of the new band and a creative explosion in songwriting that really culminated with Rated R and Songs. In a non manufactured Top 40 world easily a half dozen songs from both Rated R and Songs could have been hit singles.”

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2. …Like Clockwork (2013)

“There is something very dark and disturbing about this album. Darkness runs through all the Queens’ material and is part of why we so love this band. This album is a real departure from everything else they’ve done while staying true to the Queens vibe. Like U2, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, et al, QOTSA have now transcended rock greatness and have entered the realm of The Gods has released not just one epic album (Songs for the Deaf) but Like Clockwork.”

1. Songs For The Deaf (2002)

“This album is by far the best that QOTSA has put out. Not saying that their other work isn’t good but this album is just pure gold. From the first second to the last, it does not disappoint. Songs for the Deaf is arguably one of the best albums of all time, period. It is that good. Flawless.”