Rammstein Albums Ranked

Rammstein is a German Metal band formed in Berlin in 1994. Their six-man lineup—lead vocalist Till Lindemann, lead guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, rhythm guitarist Paul Landers, bassist Oliver Riedel, drummer Christoph Schneider, and keyboardist Christian “Flake” Lorenz—has remained unchanged throughout their existence. Prior to their formation, some members were associated with East German punk rock acts Feeling B and First Arsch.

After winning a local contest, Rammstein were able to record demos and send them to different record labels, eventually signing with Motor Music. Working with producer Jacob Hellner, Rammstein were one of the first bands to emerge within the Neue Deutsche Härte genre, with their debut album leading the music press to coin the term, and their style of music has generally had a positive reception from music critics. Commercially, the band have been very successful, earning many No. 1 albums as well as gold and platinum certifications in countries around the world. Here are all of Rammstein’s albums ranked.

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7. Rosenrot (2005)

“This Rammstein title has a few good metal songs. however, the downside is the lack of the way it used to be with some of their previous releases, like one hit after another. When a band starts writing sloppy, that means they’re running out of material to play and running out of ideas. I am using the Compact Disc for personal usages. There’s a female singer on this title too (just one song) she just doesn’t “fit” into Rammstein’s music domain.”

6. Herzeleid (1995)

“Amazing” is to simple and unexpressive a word to reveal my awe at hearing this German industrial-metal band. Marking their debut, this cd was enough to propel them to mega-stardom in their native Germany. Once you hear it you will understand why. Although completely sung in the German language, you will find yourself delightfully giddy at hearing Lindemann (the lead singer) and his fellow band members belt out songs with an intensity i’ve yet to see matched. Really amazing and worth your money, even if you don’t speak German! You listen to this and you will find yourself buying as much Rammstein stuff as you can get your hands on! I did!”

5.  Reise, Reise (2004)

“This album is one of the darkest from Rammstein, but also one of the best I have ever heard. I love every song on the album, although it took me a long time to not feel sick when listening to the text of “Mein Teil”. How beautifully written, but so gross. I still love listening to it. Since I am fluent in German, there isn’t a song here I didn’t understand, and I am frankly thrilled and astonished at the beauty and poetry of the German in this album. Till’s clear, concise German is one of the delights of listening to Rammstein. I especially liked the song about the flight, the haunting chorus, the lyrics, the words, even the ending, where the child dies because he is crushed by his father out of sheer fright. I also liked the contrast of “Amerika” to “Moskau” — America with its wonderbra and Micky Mouse and Moscow as an old but still seductive prostitute. Finally, the last song, comparing love to a wild animal was very meaningful for me. Yes, definitely one of the best from Rammstein and I play it often especially on my German car’s CD Player. Rammstein, wirklich toll.”

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4. Liebe ist für alle da (2009)

“I originally bought this as the album ‘Made in Germany’ didn’t have Rammlied on. So I bought Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da as it is on this album. It’s a fantastic opening track and must be incredible to see live, especially as an opening song. But there’s some other tracks on there that beat this; such as Waidmanns Heil, Fruhling in Paris & the title song. Great to listen to while driving but beware; you might find yourself going a bit faster than you should. Not a bad track on the whole album!”

3. Sehnsucht (1997)

“Rammstein’s second album is a step above their debut! Pack with the intense vocals of Till Lindemann and the odd techno-metal mix of guitars, drums, and piano, this volcanically charged cd will MAKE you head bang! “I don’t know German” you say, not to worry the sound of the songs are enough to keep you hooked. this album was my first Rammstein exposure and it was good enough to make me take a german course just to have a better view of the songs(yes i know there are translations). Sehnsucht (meaning “longing”) is the initial tune that introduces you to the rest of the album, which steadily gets better and better and better! Listen for creepy sounds, vocal manipulations, and perhaps the catchiest sounding songs ever in songs like “Engel”, “Spielt mit Mir” and so on.”

2. Rammstein (2019)

“This is turning out to be a crazy year for metal releases. One of the highlights as of right now and probably one of the best of the year is the new album from the one and only Rammstein. I have been a fan of these guys since Mutter was released back in the day, and I can honestly say they have never released a bad album. They continue this trend with their self-titled release. This is a great album industrial metal album, that encompasses everything that makes these guys great. Its catchy, its heavy, its atmospheric and most importantly its weird. If your a fan of Rammstein, you will love this album and need to buy it today. Anyways, the possibly greatest aspect of this new album is that a possible USA tour may be in the works, which any metalhead (or music lover in general) should go see.”

1. Mutter (2001)

“For me, Rammstein is one of those bands whose music you remember exactly where you were and how you were introduced to it. For me, it was 1999 in the height of the Napster days. Then this album came out in 2001 and it became one of my all time favorites! This album is one great song after the next, looking back it was probably their most popular album for the USA but as I said, one great song after the next. Mein Herz Brennt is the powerful opener and one of my favorites. Ich Will, Spieluhr, Zwitter and Adios are my others.

Ultimately this was one of those CD’s I’ve had to buy and re-buy over the years from wearing it out or lending it to friends.”