Rascal Flatts Albums Ranked

Rascal Flatts is an American country music group formed in Columbus, Ohio, in 1999. Its members are Gary LeVox (lead vocals), Jay DeMarcus (bass guitar, background vocals), and Joe Don Rooney (lead guitar, background vocals). DeMarcus is LeVox’s second cousin, a brother-in-law of country music singer James Otto, and a former member of the contemporary Christian music duo East to West. On January 7, 2020, the band announced that they would be disbanding following a farewell tour after 21 years together. On May 19, 2020, the farewell tour was indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are all of Rascal Flatts albums ranked.

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10. Changed (2012)

“”Changed” is truly an album you must hear, if you love Rascal Flatts!!! Every song is a winner! I can play it over and over again without getting tired of hearing it – you will too!! It’s a great mix of serious, romantic, slow, fast, and everything in-between”

9. Back To Us (2017)

“The title track has multiple layers of meaning, and if you read the article from Rolling Stone about a week or so prior to the release date, you’ll know why. This album as a whole is Rascal Flatts trying to get back to what made them popular and focus less on being trendy or up-to-date. Lyric-wise, it’s pretty straightforward: “I’m gonna run straight back to us baby/no more same old, someone else”

8. Nothing Like This (2010)

“The CD contains 11 songs that are inspirational,and fun. he guys sound happier this time around and the tracks are about love and friendship. Gary’s vocals are the strongest they’ve ever been and his vocal range displayed here is spectacular. Definitely a must have for any music fan.”

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7. Rascal Flatts (2000)

“This really is pop but with a few steel guitar and fiddle licks. The guys are awesome singers and there isn’t a so-so song on the CD. About half are driving tunes you crank as you head down the highway.”

6. Rewind (2014)

“The album is great – a perfect mixture of upbeat and slow songs. The first song on the track, Payback, is catchy and definitely one you will listen to over and over again. Any Flatts fan will love this cd! They are country with a different twist. Great songs.”

5. Still Feels Good (2007)

“”Still Feels Good” rates right up there for with there other cds. I prefer “Melt” or “Feels Like Today”. But you won’t go wrong with this cd at all either as each track flows into the next (a good thing) it isn’t always for other artists. But for Rascal Flatts it works out very well..especially enjoyed the last track “It’s Not Supposed To Go Like That” a sad song but with some meaning behind it and should be listened to more than once.”

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4. Feels Like Today (2004)

“Rascal Flatts is a breath of fresh air to country music. They look and sound great. Seems like they can’t do a bad song… And I hope they continue for many years. We are very fortunate these days to have great country music.. It seemed like the good ones had to retire and now we need new blood”

3. Unstoppable (2009)

“The title track is a very good song which is definitely hit material, as is “Once” (another potential single written by Jeffrey Steele). “Things That Matter” carries a message that so many of us need to hear, and it wastes no time getting the wise words across. “Summer Nights” is a perfect summer concert song, and a much more tasteful alternative to “Bob That Head” from their last album.”

2. Melt (2002)

“This album is one of the best releases of the year, and every track is enjoyable to listen to. It is an improvement over their first album, but both are excellent. You’ve probably heard “These Days,” and this CD has the extended version of the song on it. My favorites are “I Melt,” “Fallin’ Upside Down,” and “Too Good Is True.” If you have liked any of Rascal Flatts’ songs on the radio, you will like this album.”

1. Me And My Gang (2006)

“This album is absolutely great, all of the songs are just so full of emotions and the voice of LeVox just makes it even better, all of the album is a masterpiece though the songs that outstand the most are “What Hurts the Most”, “Pieces” (My personal favorite, I just love this song I think I’ve played it over 400 times in my itunes library already), “My Wish”, “Ellsworth” (Nice story the song describes) and “Stand”, if you like music with great tunes and lyrics and specially with MEANING, then this is the album for you, by the way this one contains “Life is A Highway”