Recall The Beginning .. A Jouney From Eden Songs Ranked

Recall the Beginning…A Journey from Eden is the seventh studio album by American rock band Steve Miller Band. The album was released in March 1972, by Capitol Records. Like his previous album, Rock Love, this album did not meet with much success. It was voted number 2 in the 50 All-Time Long Forgotten Gems from Colin Larkin’s All Time Top 1000 Albums. After the resounding critical drubbing for 1971’s lackluster Rock Love, Steve Miller’s worst-received release at that time, he rebounded a year later with this eclectic and much stronger set. It’s his seventh album and last as a cult artist before the commercial breakthrough of 1973’s The Joker. The album, dedicated to Mahalia Jackson and Junior Parker, is split into two distinct sections. Side one dips into ’50s doo wop with “Enter Maurice,” acoustic folk-blues (“High on You Mama”), upbeat down-home pop (“The Sun Is Going Down”), and good-time R&B blues-rocking with horns (“Somebody Somewhere Help Me”) that pre-dates Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes’ similar style by about five years. Here are all of Recall The Beginning .. A Jouney From Eden songs ranked.

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10. Somebody Somewhere Help Me

“This is Steve’s last album before he hit the big time and it is a gem. Basically what you have here is the record company rushing Miller to produce an album for release before he had time to think”

9. The Sun Is Going Down

“The Sun Is Going Down” is calypso-flavored and sounds kind of like Jimmy Buffett. ach track is a perfect pop/rock gem and they seem to fit together perfectly.”

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8. Heal Your Heart

“Heal Your Heart” is pop with a slight tinge of funk. Don’t know exactly why but this album I listen to over and over. Quite an eclectic collection of tunes with a lot of musicianship that I think had just gone unappreciated when this album came out.”

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7. Journey From Eden

“Side two though is something else again. Stellar writing and arrangements that float by in a dreamlike sequence that’s capped with the superb Journey From Eden.”

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6. High on You Mama

“High on You Mama” is a slight song with a nice, subdued, rather idiosyncratic arrangement. The musicianship is pretty good, even though some of the songs are subpar.”

5. Fandango

“Fandango is as good as anything he ever did, and fits into side 2 as perfectly as a hand fits a good glove. The Space Cowboy really finds his groove on this disc. Never disappoints.”

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4. Nothing Lasts

“Overall this is a mellow, casual record with a few upbeat moments. But if you’re in the mood for something understated and unpolished but pleasant this record sounds just fine.”

3. Enter Maurice

“Enter Maurice”, is a soul ballad/doo-wop pastiche that might have been done by Frank Zappa… the title character, who is the sort of individual who likes to refer to himself in the third person, is attempting to persuade his girlfriend not to leave him again; it’s a rather affectionate portrayal right up until the final couplet, when it suddenly turns a lot darker.”

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2. Love’s Riddle

“This album was originally released by Capitol Records to keep Steve’s fans happy and to keep his name before the public while he recuperated from a serious accident. Miller himself was upset that Capitol did this and therefore did not endorse the LP’s or promote them when he did recover and long since kept them from being re-released or remastered on CD.”

1. Welcome

“Side A starts with “Welcome”, a high-energy instrumental that sounds like the intro to a soul revue. Steve Miller and his band just had it all goin on and they had the touch. For me, and maybe not you, this gets my mojo working.