Reign in Blood Songs Ranked

Reign in Blood is the third studio album by American thrash metal band Slayer, released on October 7, 1986, by Def Jam Recordings. The album was the band’s first collaboration with producer Rick Rubin, whose input helped the band’s sound evolve. The release date of the album was delayed because of concerns regarding the lyrical subject matter of the opening track “Angel of Death”, which refers to Josef Mengele and describes acts such as human experimentation that he committed at the Auschwitz concentration camp. The band’s members stated that they did not condone Nazism and were merely interested in the subject. The album was Slayer’s first to enter the US Billboard 200, peaking at number 94, and was certified Gold on November 20, 1992. In 2013, NME ranked it at number 287 in its list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Here are all of Reign in Blood songs ranked.

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10. Reborn

“Reborn is great, this one can be seen as a bit repetitive, but it’s as relevant as the other, it takes notes from the other tracks, assemble it together, to make a track that is as worth listening as the others.”

9. Epidemic

“Slayer sounds Reign in Blood, and while Epidemic sounds like what i said above, it would be close minded to not say that this track was not different from the others, maybe you need tabs. Nonetheless this sound like a different track, thrashy, used with the style Slayer decided to make their album with.”

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8. Necrophobic

“Necrophobic is a little beauty, it’s violent, in your face, with a fast tempo that will either get you in or burn you off, the guitar in it makes me want to be a metalhead and an edgy kid again. It’s rapping your ears off with the technicity of the tenacity that the instru is pulling off, on this marvellous piece of shit.”

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7. Jesus Saves

“Jesus Saves will piss the deluded off, but in the absolute end, this is a religious reality, and christians know it. This is a track that you like by its meaning its time to stop, and live in the real. If life was a game of bowling, you know in which place this track would place in.”

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6. Piece by Piece

“Piece by Piece is a little heavy pirate wise track that is great, it’s a great track, yeah, it does well its job, of sounding like Slayer and getting you attach to it. Lyrically heavy in gore, violent, the instru and the vocals combine together in a carnal way of making a massacre.”

5. Criminally Insane

“Criminally Insane… Brutal… A track that the bourgeoisie will think it’s exaggerated and like always, will bigmouth strike again. Slayer is not a band with tracks that make you gravitate around them because of how personal they are, but more the messages in them. Slayer is showing us a dark reality in a horrific and comedic way.”

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4. Altar of Sacrifice

“Altar of Sacrifice makes you believe Satan is a thing, and that hell really exists, or atleast make you want to. Violently amazed, don’t ask yourself why a lot of the low ratings below are obvious christians. This is a huge fuck you to norms and an ethereal amount of rage.”

3. Postmortem

“The instrumentation is very cool and it must have taken them such a long time to get all of this down. The vocals are just as powerful as the production, and just as insane, it fits the mood pretty perfectly.”

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2. Angel of Death

“Angel of Death is getting you into the mood, the aggresivity, the hatred, for the whole bullshit of insanity that will come at you after, the guitar play is rigid, and every part of the instrumentalization flirts together to make it sound the most brutally sensual that violence can show you off.”

1. Raining Blood

“Raining Blood is “their classic.” In my opinion, it’s their best track, ever. All the elements that make Slayer so appealing, are combined into one track. They end this amazing album with a track that is brutal, enough atmospheric and visceral. They started heavily engaged with Angel of Death and show us at the end that they still were heavily engaded till its end.”