Rick Wakeman Songs Ranked

Richard Christopher Wakeman (born 18 May 1949) is an English keyboardist, songwriter, producer, television and radio presenter, and author. He is best known for being in the progressive rock band Yes across five tenures between 1971 and 2004 and for his solo albums released in the 1970s. He is a current member of Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman.
Born and raised in West London, Wakeman intended to be a concert pianist but quit his studies at the Royal College of Music in 1969 to become a full-time session musician. His early sessions included playing on “Space Oddity”, among others, for David Bowie, and songs by Junior’s Eyes, T. Rex, Elton John, and Cat Stevens. Wakeman became a member of The Strawbs in 1970 before joining Yes a year later, playing on some of their most successful albums across two stints until 1980. Wakeman began his solo career in 1973; his most successful albums are his first three: The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1973), Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1974), and The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (1975), all concept albums. He formed his rock band, The English Rock Ensemble, in 1974, with which he continues to perform, and scored his first film, Lisztomania (1975).
Wakeman’s discography includes over 90 solo albums that range from several musical styles. He has made many television and radio appearances; in recent years he became known for his contributions to the BBC comedy series Grumpy Old MenWatchdog, and his radio show on Planet Rock that aired from 2005 to 2010. Wakeman has written three books; an autobiography and two memoirs. In 2017, Wakeman was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Yes. Here are all of Rick Wakeman’s songs ranked.

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10. Going For The One (Going For The One, 1977)

“One of the best albums Yes put out in the 1970s. More straight ahead and less fanciful than the previous albums Tales from Topographic Oceans and Relayer. Rick Wakeman returns to the band and is all over tracks like Awaken and Parallels. Jon Anderson’s voice is in top form, as well as the rhythm section of bassist Chris Squire and drummer Alan White. While guitarist Steve Howe brings many blistering guitar leads that dominate but don’t overwhelm the material. A perfect glimpse of Yes in 1977”

9. Long Distance Runaround (Fragile, 1971)

“This remastered LP version is excellent. I saw Yes in concert in the 70’s. Listening to this I am back at the concert. Look up the words. It is fun to sing along. It was great to be alive in the 60’s and 70’s!”

8. Siberian Khatru (Two Sides of Yes, 2001)

“I always thought it was a prediction that ultra-orthodox Communism (Winter) would eventually thaw into something warmer and less harsh in the penal province of Siberia; Lo and behold, Glasnost & Perestroika (Summer) appeared on the scene in the fullness of time, and the rest is history. A favourite Yes song dear to my heart!”

7. The Revealing Science Of God (Tales from Topographic Oceans, 1973)

“The song is about the dawn of light, thought, our power, and of love, to the creation and beginning all of the good things which bring happiness to our lives. That these wonderful forces seem to have been lost by the human race through their own negligence.”

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6. South Side Of The Sky (Fragile, 1971)

“The piano riff from the middle part of this piece was actually transcribed in the Yes sheet music available back in the 70s. I learned it from the music. It was one of the few Wakeman licks that every got transcribed. Wakeman did not have the publishing deal with Atlantic that Anderson Squire and Howe had so he didn’t receive credit for it back in the 70s.”

5. Awaken (Going for the One, 1977)

“It’s a spiritual song where Anderson is singing to what he calls “The master of our existence.” These themes of enlightenment and seeking your higher self are a touchstone of Anderson’s lyrics.”

4. And You and I (The Piano Album, 1995)

“Great music from the great keyboardist Rick Wakeman who has played for so many artists while still maintaining his unique style.”

3. Heart of the Sunrise (Fragile, 1971)

“Rick Wakeman has knocked another one out of the park with this album. His interpretations of the powerful melodic songs he chose for this album are magnificent. If you’re a lover of pop, rock, or piano music this is a must-have for your library.”

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2. Roundabout (Fragile, 1971)

“The music is beautifully played and it is a joy to listen to. I had had a very distressing day and when it arrived I put it on and my mood was uplifted.”

1. Close to the Edge (Close to the Edge, 1972)

“This is when music was real. thank the heavens we have preserved it for our children and grandchildren. trust me , some day they will consider this classic. anyone who has a penchant for long sprawling musical genius will love this. I think the best thing about it is the combination of some of the most talented people to ever pick up an instrument.”