Rival Sons Albums Ranked

Rival Sons is an American rock band from Long Beach, California. Formed in 2009, they have released six albums and one EP. They originate from the remnants of a previous band of guitarist Scott Holiday. The band is known for extensive touring and their notable album release Pressure & Time. They are signed to Low Country Sound, an imprint of Elektra run by Dave Cobb. Here are all of Rival Son’s albums ranked.

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6. Hollow Bones (2016)

“I have bought into Rival Sons hook, line and sinker and think these guys can do no wrong. That being said this album is very strong with lots of catchy rock n roll. There is a mystique to Jay Buchanan that evokes they likes of Jim Morrison although Jay has a power to his voice that even the mightiest of metal singers would envy. Great song writing, solid musicianship make the Rival Sons a breed apart.”

5. Feral Roots (2019)

“You gotta check this out. All the best elements of rock and roll are here. Easily their best to date, and thats saying ALOT. Heavy at times, bluesy at others, and still with the experimental tinges. The vocals. Oh my gosh the vocals. Best in the game. Or very close. They are just on their game like never before. This should catapult them.”

4. Before The Fire (2009)

“These guys are a living, breathing encyclopedia of everything that is great about Rock and Roll. The led Zeppelin influence is obvious, but dig deep and you’ll hear The Who, Pink Floyd, Stones, The Animals, etc. as well as 1960’s garage band psychedelia. Extremely intelligent songwriting, heavy deep blues influences, the best Rock vocalist to appear in years. They swing, they move you and they bring it live. I am blown away by this band.”

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3. Pressure And Time (2011)

“Found out about these guys because they toured with Black Sabbath and I checked them out before we went to the show and I was amazed! I think I bought all their available albums on vinyl before we even went to the show. I was familiar with most of the songs already. This is a great album, too. Can’t believe their on Earache…which is primarily a Death Metal label.”

2. Great Western Valkyrie (2014)

“It seems like sometimes a band’s first album is their best and then personnel changes, lack of creativity and other issues make all that follows goes straight downhill. Rival Sons are the opposite. They just keep getting better and better and this album is the best so far. There isn’t a bad song on it although I have my favorites. If you’re a fan of old-school rock/blues with incredible vocals, inspired song-writing/lyrics and some cool guitar solos you will love this. In my opinion if they were around in the 70’s-80’s they would have been a monster it’s just too bad this type of music isn’t mainstream any more.”

1. Head Down (2012)

“After I listened to their recent album, I decided to check out this one. The more I listen to this band the more I like them. They experiment with a variety of styles, which is unusual these days. My favorite tunes on this album are “Keep on Swinging,” a rockin’ tune with a great melody, “Nava,” a beautiful, Bron-yr-Aur-ish acoustic instrumental, and “Manifest Destiny Parts 1 and 2,” which is mostly a guitar opus but also has Buchanan singing lyrics which seem to vaguely reference the Native American plight. This album also features “Jordan,” a soothing, slower tune with a spiritual focus, “You Want To,” another rockin’ tune, and the unusual “True,” in which Buchanan adopts a style that is not contemporary at all and resembles a lullaby from 100 years ago–I liked it, but it might not be to everyone’s taste. I didn’t care particularly for “All the Way,” which sounds partly like a soul ballad from the 60s but also delves into storytelling–it was an interesting Idea, but I’m not sure it worked. The other tunes on the album are mostly straight-up rock and roll.”