Rixton Albums Ranked

Push Baby (stylized in all lowercase, previously Rixton) are a British pop-rock band from Manchester, England. They are signed to Scooter Braun’s SB Projects. In 2012, the band started as Relics and then became known as Rixton from 2013. Their debut single “Me and My Broken Heart” is charted internationally. The band consists of Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Tommy Benning, and Scott Fowler. The band went on a hiatus after 2015 to be rebranded as Push Baby in 2019 with the release of their debut song under the new name, “Mama’s House”. Here are all of Rixton’s albums ranked.

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2. Me and My Broken Heart (2014)

Me And My Broken Heart - Single by Rixton | Spotify

“Nice mix of contemporary sound with a little reggae vibe. Bought this album for the single “Me and My Broken Heart” and was pleasantly surprised with the rest of the cuts. A very nice mix of simple and complex songs. Rixton has good energy with a unique sound.”

1. Let The Road (2015)

Rixton – Let The Road (2015, CD) - Discogs

“In a musical era where evey song on every album sounds the same or very similar, this album doesn’t and showcases a little of everything the newish boyband is capable of. I love how Rixton is playing it out to be a very diverse band. They don’t have many fans in the U.S, shamefully, but I guess that leaves more for us who admire theirs unoriginal, but extremely refreshing sound.”