Rob Zombie Songs Ranked

Rob Zombie (born Robert Bartleh Cummings; January 12, 1965) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, programmer, voice actor, and filmmaker. He is a founding member of the heavy metal band White Zombie, releasing four studio albums with the band. He is the older brother of Spider One, the lead vocalist of the industrial metal band Powerman 5000.
Zombie’s first solo effort was a 1996 song titled “Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn)”, written and performed with Alice Cooper. It went on to receive a nomination for Best Metal Performance at the 39th Annual Grammy Awards. In 1997, he began working on his debut solo studio album, Hellbilly Deluxe, which was released in August 1998. A month later, Zombie officially disbanded White Zombie. Hellbilly Deluxe went on to sell over three million copies worldwide and spawned three singles. Zombie directed the horror film House of 1000 Corpses in 2000, though the controversial project was not released until 2003. His second studio album, The Sinister Urge (2001), became his second platinum album in the U.S.
Since the beginning of his music career, Zombie’s music and lyrics have featured notable horror and sci-fi themes. His live shows have been praised for their elaborate shock rock theatricality. Since beginning his solo career, Zombie has sold an estimated fifteen million albums worldwide. Here are all of Rob Zombie’s songs ranked.

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20. Demon Speeding (The Sinister Urge, 2001)

“I’m demon speeding! And that’s all in this subject. If you don’t listen this song don’t waste time anyway and use it or something where you can find this song!”

19. Mars Needs Women (Hellbilly Deluxe 2, 2010)

“Just when the world thinks Rob Zombie has given up music for the surreal world of Hollywood, he attacks again. Fresh music with the familiar Rob Zombie edge made to entertain and terrify at the same time. Leaving nothing to the imagination, this is the in your face Rob Zombie that we have grown to love.”

18. Black Sunshine (La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1, 1992)

“Rob Zombie songs sneak up on you now and then, you hear them and you might wonder what that song is if you are not familiar with his work once you know who is singing the song, you want to listen to more to see if you like that too.”

17. More Human Than Human (Astro-Creep, 1995)

“Mr.Zombie has always been good at rhythm and this song is no exception.The only thing I dislike about this particular song is the moaning in the beginning but it’s heavy and does have a lot of energy.”

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16. The Devil’s Rejects (The Devil’s Rejects, 2005)

“The lyrics are beautiful and tragic, the guitar couldn’t be any perfect. I honestly can say this is one of the greatest put together songs I’ve ever heard.”

15. Foxy Foxy (Educated Horses, 2006)

“Their are few songs that are just as good with out a guitar solo and this is one of them. Epic heavy riff and so catchy.”

14. American Witch (Educated Horses, 2006)

“This song is the best rob song it it the first song I heard it makes me feel like the king of deathlike the grim reaper”

13. Demonoid Phenomenon (Hellbilly Deluxe, 1998)

“This is their heaviest song without a doubt.. Probably the scariest as well. The powerhouse vocals and drums bring out the intensity of the song, while it has it’s melodic parts you can feel.”

12. P**** Liquor (House of 1000 Corpses, 2003)

“Best song in my opinion because it has great instrumentation and unique vocals. The solo and main riff are fantastic. Also it is one of the band’s heaviest tracks.”

11. Teenage Nosferatu P**** (Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, 2013)

“This is such a classic song. Great guitar work. Not the best vocal, but its still awesome. The mix of soft and loud, and acoustic and electric guitar really make this a fantastic song. Classic.”

10. Iron Head (The Sinister Urge, 2001)

“Pretty good song. It defiantly aged better than most of the songs in his discography. Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne were absolutely amazing!

9. House of 1000 Corpses (House of 1000 Corpses, 2003)

“I feel so evil while hearing this song. It truly describe my wildest fantasy when he say:”She had a corpse under her bed”. Great yet morbid song”

8. Thunderkiss 65′ (La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1, 1992)

“Awesome song’ what a great groove n’ beat. Have no idea what the hell it’s about, only Rob probably does but this song kicks ass. LOVE IT!”

7. Meet the Creeper (Hellbilly Deluxe, 1998)

“The chorus is so good. It gives me an almost primal sense of adrenaline with the pumping drums and driving guitar, and the slow buildup makes the song even better.”

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6. Sick Bubblegum (Hellbilly Deluxe 2, 2010)

“This song belongs in a stripper joint. I can listen to this song over and over again. The guitar riff in particular I cannot get out of my head! Love this song.”

5. Feel So Numb (The Sinister Urge, 2001)

“Love this song off of The Sinister Urge, one of my favorites. I have it already but I was in the mood to listen to it so I bought it, check it out if you don’t have it yet.”

4. Never Gonna Stop (The Sinister Urge, 2001)

“You ever want to Ride and want some Music, this is The Song For You! The Most Awesome Song ever created, makes my mind Crazy..!”

3. Superbeast (Hellbilly Deluxe, 1998)

“This is one big, loud stomper of a song with a guitar rhythm full of sharp curves and down-tuned industrialized pummeling. The whole thing pulses with energy and Rob Zombie’s transition from hissed, soft vocals to loud bellowing shouts does a lot to create buildup and payoff. It’s probably the most “action-oriented” of the hits from Hellbilly Deluxe.”

2. Living Dead Girl (Hellbilly Deluxe, 1998)

“The music was pretty good here going in and out between Industrial metal, to a kind of dance track with hard beats that The Prodigy and NIN would have loved to have. This may have been a terrible band, they may have had many ugly girls who worshiped this band on there way to a sleazy weekend in Vegas. They were not very realistic, then he made movies and his career was over. This was actually good.”

1. Dragula (Hellbilly Deluxe, 1998)

“Great kickass song, Zombie rocks. This is what got me into his music. Also, Zombie definitely wants to be LIKE Cooper, but no BE Cooper. Zombie is sort of like a new style Cooper, new metal, new styles, but Zombie himself has said Cooper is one of his biggest inspirations, and they are good friends, nothing wrong with wanting to be LIKE your idol, but he is not trying to BE him”